The Winning Word!

I’ve been a word lover probably my whole life – there are so many to express thoughts, concepts, and ideas! How extraordinary I say, that God, Maker of Heaven and earth, chose to express Himself through words, His precious word.

This week I found an enjoyable, if not downright addictive, pastime – online Scrabble! And I’m a big winner, 80% of the time, against my opponent the computer. Words galore!

Also this week was my scheduled presentation to an online women’s Bible study. Although a newcomer to this group, the leader had read some of my posts and asked me to speak. My heart sensed an answer to my prayers to serve the Lord and minister to others. I hardly knew the women of this Zoom study, many are in different states. But after much prayer, I was sure of the message that the Lord called me to present.

Of course, when called in any capacity, the devil will move in to rob of confidence with anxious thoughts. “Yes, you’re all ready, but for sure your internet connection will fail midway!” “Your computer is 10 years old, doesn’t it often freeze, especially during Zoom meetings?” All these things have happened of course. Well, I realized, with the meeting the day after tomorrow I’m certainly not going computer shopping. Zoom by phone is just as good, no? Other darting thoughts arose.

The next morning I accompanied my husband Bob for his routine surgical procedure. While waiting to prep, I continued my online Scrabble game, this time losing! Bob noticed.

“Let me see it” I don’t think of Bob as a word connessuer or Scrabble pro but I handed him my phone.

“I see a great word!” Just then the nurse called him in. He handed me the phone and said, “Put L A X right here. It spells RELAX!” With that he left.

I had totally missed that! Yes, RELAX, and with triple letter came to 28 points!!

While admittedly competitive, the winning word pressed more into my heart than on the game board. God often uses husbands to speak to their wives and these letters clicked together my soul, washing over me.

‘Relax’ may not be in the Bible but I truly want to remember it. Because if we believe and trust, if we rest in Him, our hearts can surely relax because God has everything under control.

(And yesterday’s Bible study presentation was such a rewarding fellowship!)

23 thoughts on “The Winning Word!

  1. Great post, it is time to ponder over ‘The winning Word’ because the Lord is the master of all our joys and pleasures because he is a loving father and he can’t tolerate to find his children deprived of pleasures.Thanks a lot dear sister.Pray for me. Take care. πŸ™πŸ’


  2. I am in need of RELAX right now. 2 weeks ago an Uncle of mine, my dad’s older brother died. Since last year I had been driving him to nearly all his doctor appointments on my days off since his 2 adult children were not. Now I am speaking at his memorial this weekend. I am burnt out. One couple from my church wrote me a sympathy card. But after the memorial I need some vacation time away from my job. His 37 year old daughter is a meth drug addict

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    • Dear Joseph, I am so sorry for the loss of your uncle. You may have been the only encouragement and light for his life. No doubt the Lord appointed you at his memorial service to speak words of life to his broken lost family members. Meth addicts are totally captivated.
      I want to encourage you brother, when we are burned out and depleted, and call upon the Lord, the Holy Spirit in you will rise up and fulfill God’s call, more than we could ever on our best days. He will speak through you at this service.
      Thank you for sharing this, I’m am praying for you after I press “send”.

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  3. So glad the study went well, praise the Lord! When Jesus says, β€œCome to me all who are weary and heavy burdened and I will give you rest” to me that is peace and relaxation. I’m a massive failure at this, but I am thankful that when we run and cling to Jesus the worries and cares of this world do subside. I need to trust and let go (i.e. relax) more. You are such a wise and godly woman and I am thankful for you!!!!

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    • Wow Mandy, thank you so much! You are such an encouragement and gifted so!
      All true about surrendering our worries – I believe it’s truly a lesson to learn while “the grass is green”.
      Stay cool sister, I hope you all have a good weekend. ❀

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  4. Lisa Beth! Thanks for sharing the fun and the good news about the fellowship. The Lord has a way of working things out when we relax/trust/rest in Him.


  5. What an amazing story and imagine him finding that word before his own procedure. I do believe that God uses husbands and wives to speak to each other to keep us connected. He is such a good father. πŸ™πŸΎβ€οΈ


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