Another Sparrow Falls to the Ground…

I set out early this morning as the temperature is expected to rise above 90°.  Five blocks to the bank, 10 to the grocery store, I prayed as I walked, discussing with the Lord the useless anxiety that often overshadows me.  I meditated upon Jesus’ oft admonishment, “Do not be afraid” (or anxious!) and His reference to the sparrows, “…not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father.”  I started to wonder, where are these fallen sparrows, I never see them.  Where do they go to die?  I concluded that, like many suffering animals, they sequester to die alone.  But according to our Lord, our Father knows exactly where each one is, none even fall “apart from His will”.   

Returning from FoodTown I passed my street, pushing myself to go farther to the vegetable stand.  Carrying three bags and toting a stuffed backpack, I pressed on for iceberg lettuce.  Then I saw him on the sidewalk.  A tiny sparrow, not moving as I neared him.  Not budging when a blaring ambulance sped by.  Something’s wrong!

I stooped down to pet it, it did not move or flinch.  Not good.  He had no resistance as I picked him up.  People paused to look as I quickly pondered: What should I do?… I can’t leave him here…I’m carrying too much to bring him anywhere….

Just then a chubby, affable Hispanic women stopped and stooped down with me.  She scooped up the bird and concluded as I did that the poor babe was somehow injured.  She held him so naturally and calmly, like she did it everyday!  

“I’ll take him home and care for him…”

“You will?!?  Thank you!  I couldn’t leave him here…”

She smiled and stroked the bird gently, “I was raised on a farm, I used to take care of baby chicks…”

Wow, did God bring the right person down this sidewalk!

I should have asked her name.  I shared with her about The Bird Fund, a free bird clinic on Columbus Avenue.  She took the info and said, “I’m sure my daughter can bring him there.”

As we walked together for two blocks.  I thought she lived nearby but went to the bus stop, “I live in the Bronx” she said.  And she’s carrying a baby bird in her hand all the way? 

So, according to the Lord, our Father saw that sparrow fall, it was His will.  For sure that babe had anxiety, unable to fly or move on a busy city sidewalk.  He didn’t know what we should all know, our Father has everything under control.  

“I was raised on a farm….cared for chicks…I’ll take him home”

“Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows”. 

36 thoughts on “Another Sparrow Falls to the Ground…

  1. Beautiful! My favorite hymn – “His Eye Is On The Sparrow.” Amazing, how you were thinking of the sparrows and come across one that needed healing and the Lord provided it. It’s like He was telling you “I am with you.”

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    • It’s really amazing. To have a caring and capable stranger rescue the bird was incredible to me. Such a personal life lesson, I pray that it plants deep in my heart, thwarting any uprise of anxiety!
      Thank you Eve, I value your comments.

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  2. I love this, Lisa! Great analogy how our Heavenly Father sends just the right person to come to our aid when we are in need of rescuing. So glad he sent you and the lady from the Bronx. You have the best bird stories. 🙂

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  3. This story truly spoke to me! It’s amazing how God responds to our questions and our difficulties. He doesn’t have to but as a Father, he wants us to know. Plus, He does it in such a way that is profoundly personal and loving. I hope this testimony will serve to answer many who are seeking answers to their troubles, anxieties and hardships.
    There is nothing too hard for the Lord to carry for us so we don’t have to. He has it all under sparrow’s wing.

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  4. How fantastically wonderful, Lisa Beth! The Lord is such a wonderful teacher. He gives an unforgettable lesson and glorifies Himself all at the same time. Thank you for sharing. Your description made it just like being there.

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