Dance Alone If Necessary!

This past Sunday I had a family event to attend at 4pm, giving me plenty of time to drive 40 miles to see Johnny Berberian play at a huge Armenian picnic. He is one of the few “Udi’s” or Oud Extraordinaires in the world. Ninety degrees or 100, I was ready for a Halla!

The band started with a Tamzara…

I ate my last shish kebab and dashed to the band to see who would start the line dance.  I taped the music while waiting…waiting…but not one of the 800 folks there dropped their forks!  Okay, the Tamzara is a very difficult dance but the next one was easier and just as invigorating!  I urged my relatives to come join in.  Everyone balked.  Ok, they’re over 75 and 80 but still, it’s Johnny Berberian!  

So I rushed over to the band and, for the first time ever, I began dancing alone!  A one woman dance line and I was so happy!  Yet, within one minute others joined me…


There I am in the green dress, leading a growing line – away we go!

There is hardly anything more exhilarating for me. Not only since childhood but more so now when I realize that, in spite of genocide, deportations, landlocked strangleholds, earthquakes and recent unprovoked war, we Armenians are still here. God did not allow us to be exterminated. Although often crushed, a true and growing remnant of faith is thriving. Reasons to celebrate, reasons to dance!

I realized another thing as I dashed to dance alone. My joy arose and, even if no one joined me, it would not be squelched. This need be true for believers in the coming days when complacency and apostasy run rampant. When our heart is stirred, when we are burdened and sense God’s call to pray, perhaps no one will join in. When worship arises in our heart, refuse to suppress it, even if we’re the only one raising our hands and voice. Might I be the only one to pray at a family dinner, giving thanks to the Lord?

I say, if need be, be the only one! Encourage others with exuberance worthy of the Lord. Pray that they are stirred and go alone, perhaps others one by one will join in the line….

If God stirs your heart to have a prayer meeting, reach out to others, call them in, but if you’re the only one, believe this – you’re not the only one. The Holy Spirit is there and the Lord will honor your faithfulness.

(I’m having a prayer meeting tomorrow night…not sure who will join in – perhaps you’ll see in my next post what the Lord has in store!)

36 thoughts on “Dance Alone If Necessary!

  1. This is such an uplifting and encouraging post! I LOVE the music! I like Jewish music and there are many similarities. What other Armenian 🇦🇲 music do you recommend?! Praying for your prayer meeting tomorrow! You are a blessing Lisa to SO many people!!!! Lots of love, hugs and blessings!!!

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    • Wow Mandy, thank you so much!
      Mostly I like traditional Armenian music which has its roots in the villages once obliterated by Ottomans. Surviving Armenians took their talent for the oud, dumbeg, kamancha, and duduk etc and kept the music alive. Immigration and family tradition took it around the world.
      Beloved artists include John Berberian, Onnik Dinkjian, the late Harry Minassian, and several others.
      Armenia has a strong opera but I don’t really like modern Armenian music (too electronic) Here’s a performance of a very traditional sad love song. Dle Yaman
      I could go on! But you should be studying!
      Thank you Mandy for always stirring me on!

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  2. That was such a special story! I laughed right through most it because I know exactly what you mean!! I would have danced right with you girl! You weaved a beautiful story about taking a step and seeing what God will do. Love that you emphasized to keep the joy! The joy of the Lord is our strength!

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  3. God has certainly preserved the Armenian People. As a studier of history I know that the 20th Century was a nightmare for the Armenian People. From the Armenian Genocide by the Turks in WW1 to being forced into the Soviet Union after that until 1991 and then wars with the Azerbaijanis. All those groups (Turks, Communist Soviets, and Azerbajanis) are anti-christian and they could not destroy the Armenian People as a whole. God in his mercy has preserved the Armenians.
    The dancing alone as a comparison to sometimes being the only Christian is an excellent comparison. Very true. We have to persevere in the faith even if we see others leaving the faith

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    • Excellent comments dear brother. You captured the history of Armenian suffering in one paragraph.
      Thank you Joseph for your insights and encouraging comments. Really appreciated!
      I hope all is well with you.

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      • I have not been active on wordpress this month, because of work and also working on a dvd of the memorial of my uncle who died in July. I have been having to learn how to use a new software that lets me make a dvd menu and burn dvds. Then mail the dvds to my dad’s family who were not able to attend the memorial. Also Karin Sosa my love interest decided to move back to her country Peru 🇵🇪 she misses her country


      • I wish you the best on your dvd venture! I learned that after a mission trip to India. I am no computer tech but I learned to make DVDs with music background. If I can do it you surely can, and better!
        Sorry things didn’t go as hoped with Karin. God knows the beginning from the end, we can only see the beginning of things. I have no doubt that the Shepherd has the perfect ewe for you. 😀

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    • Wow, thank you! I’m not really amazing but I must say, the times I have ‘stood alone’ at a prayer meeting or other calling, the Lord’s presence was a great reward!
      If we’re obedient and available to the Lord, I believe He will fulfill His intents and purposes through us. Nothing like it in this world!
      Thank you for your inspiring posts Ashley, they open such a window of beauty for many, like me!

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