Fathers – What They Really Need

Father’s Day is somewhat complicated today. Gone is the simple joy of picking out the new tie, cozy slippers, or warm sweater. Our culture of confused gender roles and sexual identities disparages traditional role of fathers. Single parenting and strained marriages often make stressed parents.

So what do fathers really need?

More than ever fathers – our sons, brothers, and husbands – need the undergirding strength of fervent prayer.

My parents, ages 90 and 92, visited the grave of their only son who tragically died years ago.  At 38, my brother Paul was a strong believer, heartbroken to leave his young family but spiritually ready to meet the Lord.  Not so my beloved parents who stand grieving without hope of seeing their son nor eternal life unless they repent and receive salvation.  

Father’s Day is June 19th.  In anticipation, perhaps as a community of readers, writers, and believers can we commit to pray starting Sunday June 12th for fathers and would be fathers – sons, husbands, and brothers?  May they rise up to know the Lord, pursue righteousness, and take authority in their homes as spiritual leaders, lovingingly drawing their family to Christ.  Will you join me?  

The older I get the more I like lists…perhaps you will also make a list of those you will vie for, beseeching our Father in heaven to intervene.  May they find and fulfill the call of God upon their lives and know eternal hope at their jouney’s end.

Let’s give fathers what they really need.  

26 thoughts on “Fathers – What They Really Need

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  2. I did not have a good father. My father left me and the USA in 2003 and returned to Guatemala only to have 3 more children. I was 11 the last time I Saw him. He is turning 70 and is still living a sinful life but calls himself a Christian. I did not have Godly father figures growing up.

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    • No, you did not have a godly father. I am sorry he robbed you of that relationship. But I am so glad that Your heavenly Father claimed you as His own. He, of course, will never leave you nor forsake you.
      Judgment awaits the unrepentant and worse for those who knew the truth. And worse still for those who offend the Body of Christ, which we are.
      God’s call would seem, of course, to pray for your father, for the Holy Spirit to lead him to godly sorrow that leads to repentance. Sometimes though we need God to irrigate our hearts to even consider praying.
      Thank you Joseph, your posts and comments mean a lot. As a (much) older sister, I pray for you and believe God’s hand is leading you day by day.
      P.S. there’s been a problem with my WP comments going into writers’ spam – can you check your spam box?
      Thank you again Joseph.

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  3. The gift of prayer is the best gift that we can give.

    When rejected and excluded by those we love I always think on my Lord who has included me into his wonderful family. Many a time that thought has been a great comfort to my heart.

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  4. I pray for your parents hearts to soften, Lisa. There is hope for them to come to faith. They watch you & Bob live out Jesus in front of them. I will join in prayer for all Father’s. I believe a lot of the world’s problems stem from absent, godless fathers. Love & hugs to you and Bob.

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    • Thank you so much Mary for your encouraging words. I’ve been praying for you and hope you are well, esp praying for good, restorative nights sleep. When I’m up for hours I pray that you’re snoozing away…
      And yes, so true about ‘absent, godless fathers’, without their upright authority in the home and community, we are falling deeper into darkness.
      Good to hear from you sister, let’s stay in touch. ❤

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  5. It must be so hard for your parents! And for you missing your brother. This is something I’m going to be praying for starting today! on vacation so I’ve been slower on reading blogs!

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  6. Amen, Lisa Beth. I will surely pray for the men I know. This is a vital need in our corrosive culture. Coincidentally (or not), earlier today my prayer group joined in prayer for fathers along the lines of your post! Perhaps the Holy Spirit is fostering such a focus of prayer.

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