Artsakh Under Siege – Day 28


The latest Turkish/Azeri aggression upon Artsakh, an enclave of Armenia, is a blockade now nearly one month. While the Azeri war upon Artsakh in 2020 devastated Armenian villages and ancient landmarks, killed nearly 4000 soldiers and displaced tens of thousands off their homeland, current efforts, under ‘peace treaty’, aim to starve, deprive, and drive away those who survived.

As of December 12th, 2022, there is no food, no fuel, no medicine, no access to hospitals!

This stranglehold holds 120,000 Armenians hostage – a prelude to ethnic cleansing and genocide.

Human Rights Organizations Warn of Risks of Genocide in Artsakh

Artsakh, and most of Armenia, are surrounded by enemies. This blocking the lifeline to Artsakh is now a humanitarian crisis, worsening day by day.

Please join us and cry out for Artsakh!

Pray that the blockade be lifted! Pray for critical provisions to come through!

Pray for the pastors, elders, and clergy in Artsakh:

  • Pray for the Lord to encourage them as they face great challenges
  • Pray that God’s word comes alive in their hearts
  • Pray for unction and revival, to shake the hearts of nominal Christians

Pray for faith in villagers and townspeople:
• May the Holy Spirit, shake every heart, encourage and revive faith
• May they see God move mightily as their Provider and Protector
• Pray for powerful prayer meetings to gather, unity their faith and strong trust in God

Pray for Artsakh and Armenia to become a light and beacon for their surrounding enemies:
• That the Lord, in His sovereignty and mercy defend and protect the boundaries of Armenia and Artsakh
• That the Lord confound the enemy, weaken their limbs and their resolve for battle, extinguish their zeal and drive them away!
• Call upon the Holy Spirit to convict the hearts of Azeris and Turks, open their eyes and grip their souls!

Pray that they, and all of us, grasp the power of prayer, gain a greater revelation of our Father in heaven, and walk in victory through the dark times in this world.

We will be praying every night until the blockade lifts. Please join in whenever you can!

Thank you all.

20 thoughts on “Artsakh Under Siege – Day 28

  1. Lisa Beth,
    Thank you for raising awareness of this crisis. Although we may feel helpless being worlds away from what is going on, the Lord honors the prayers of His people and will accomplish His inscrutable purposes in spite of all that the powers of evil may do or try to do. May the church in Armenia and Artsakh be strengthened to overcome and may many be added to their number.
    God bless you,

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    • Thank you brother, your prayers are my heart’s great desire. “May the church in Armenia and Artsakh be strengthened to overcome and may many be added to their number.”
      Amen Craig. May the Lordorder your steps and walk you through the New year. Thank you again. ❤

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    • We should pray for a change in Azerbaijan also since they have been ruled by the Aliyev Family dictatorship since 1993 and are a major driving factor of these wars and pray that countries like Israel stop sending military aid like drones to Azerbaijan and enabling.

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      • So true Joseph. The US supports such oppressive governments like Erdogan’s and Aliyev’s. They have powerful lobbies in DC. Even our inept NYC mayor was wooed by Azerbaijan, wined and dined and who knows what else. Adams came back with utter praise for them, adding, “Azerbaijan is such a wonderful country, I plan to retire there!” Oh Lord, let him go now! Nothing but strategic liaisons.
        I pray too to end military aid.
        “Section 907 of the FREEDOM Support Act of 1992 generally prohibits assistance, other than specified support for nonproliferation and disarmament, to the government of Azerbaijan.” I worked hard with a group in the 90s to get this passed during the Turkish/Azeri blockade of Armenia. This law has been ‘waived’ many times.
        Thank you again Joseph.

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  2. I have been following this ongoing crisis. Armenia does not seem to get much international support. Azerbaijan which is a ruthless dictatorship ruled by the Aliyev Family has lots of friends including Israel, especially because of their oil. I just got time to read your post after Christmas Celebrations with my family. I will pray and ask others at my church to pray about this and inform them.

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    • Thank you so much Joseph. All you said is so true. Even Ukraine is Azerbaijan’s ‘good friend’. They’re the one who gave Azerbaijan the phosphorus bomb that destroyed a region of forest and wildlife..
      This crisis worsens every hour. Now there’s news that Azerbaijan is preparing for military aggression.
      Even if most of Armenians are nominal Christians, being beset by Muslims is a spiritual attack. Could be a wake up call to cry out to God and trust Him instead of gov.
      I pray for the church to gather in a living faith and put the Lord at the helm.
      Always good to hear from you Joseph, I hope you are well. Looking forward to your next post!

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