God’s Light Upon a New Path

My father died suddenly three weeks ago. He lived his last day like much of his life, attending a banquet to benefit orphans and needy children, adding another beautiful child to sponsor.

While I often teared up just thinking of my parent’s passing, I am yet unable to shed tears for my dad. Perhaps my grief’s on hold as I stay with my mother to comfort and help her through everything. In the meantime, daily walks to pray and mentally rest quiet my heart. On one of my first walks I came upon a nature trail that I’d never seen.

This is it

Seeming sunlit and safe, I turned into it and, as I did, I saw a blue striped bird which I’ve never seen before. Crickets and cicadas created a relaxing echo every step of the path. The air was fresh and damp, I was joyfully alone with the Lord.

Later that day I logged onto WordPress and found one of my favorite sights, https://aussiebirder.com/blog/, as brother Ashley’s birding posts and narratives are truly inspiring and edifying. I shared about my found nature trail and this was his response to me….

“This nature trail was not only a beautiful relief for you but a message from our Lord of new trail, a new season, new beginnings, that after the grieving and healing will come blessing. I am so glad you were given this beautiful aside to appreciate our Lord’s beauty. He shows us snippets of his love for us personally when we experience these precious moments. I pray that the Lord will encourage and strengthen you as you have done so much for me and others with your beautiful gift. Seeing a lifer on your walk is a sign of new things.” (https://aussiebirder.com/2022/10/11/why-do-aussie-birds-become-aggressive/)

People of God can truly speak words of life to uplift and inspire. This is true of Ashley. I thought about this sunlit trail, a new path and new beginning. Grieving my father’s death and caring for my precious mother are new challenges, a new season in my life. But I believe light and the blessing comes as we follow the Lord closely. He will affirm His presence and order our steps – leading us safely through the other side.

I’ve learned so much from the loving-kindness of others, I pray to remember and bestow it generously.

31 thoughts on “God’s Light Upon a New Path

  1. Thank you for sharing this, Lisa Beth. May the Lord greatly comfort you and your mother, and may He give you new paths and trails to discover and upon which to grow spiritually.

  2. Am sorry for the passing of your father sister. May the Lord give you comfort and strength as you stay with your mother. I live one block from Lake Eola in downtown Orlando. When I see those beautiful swans I feel snippets of His love for us and have no other choice but to love Him back. When I look at my favorite animal and the most beautiful animal in the world, the horse, I say “Lord how great Thou art.” Love you sister.

    • Thank you so much Eve. I truly feel the same way as God’s glory breaks through His creation, from the graceful swan to the powerful horse.
      Appreciate your encouraging words Eve, thank you dear sister. ❤

  3. I have been praying for you and your mom, Lisa. I love how he spoke to you through his beautiful creation. He comforts us in so many ways if we look for him.

    • So true Mary, the Lord so often uses His creation to refresh and minister to us. Thank you for your prayers sister, Bob and I need the Lord’s guidance.
      We love you Mary. ❤

  4. I’m sorry for your loss, Lisa Beth. The Lord is such a wonderful comforter, and He is so faithful in every situation. My dad passed into eternity in 2010. I still miss him and loved him so much. I didn’t have assurance of his salvation either, but I do know he had the seed of God’s Word sown into his ear gate for many years. We trust the Lord in all things. We’ll be praying for you and your Mom. 🙏❤️

  5. Precious memories are with us always as you cherish his life and legacy. What a wonderful example of a life lives for God. Attending a benefit on his last day. A way of saying, ‘serve until the end!’ Blessings 🙏🏾❤️💖

  6. In prayer for you dear sister. I just found this comment you made some time ago, it did not arrive in the usual way, so apologize for late reply. Thanks again for being God’s light bearer to us all.

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