Hayer Miatsek!

Hayer miatsek, miatsek Hayer! Armenians unite!

Once again, on April 24th, Armenians gathered for Armenian Martyrs Day, commemorating the onset of the Armenian Genocide perpetuated by the Ottoman Turks on April 24th, 1915.

Bob and I waving flags high (under awning “surreal”) in Times Square on April 24th. Ts4-1024x768

Year after year we gather, members of Congress and local leaders speak, proclaiming support for Armenia and stirring up their constituencies. Religious leaders also speak. Our pastor, Pastor Haig Kherlopian, spoke about the resiliency of Armenians, even after attempts to desecrate and annihilate, we still stand by the grace of God to prosper and testify.

As we gather and proclaim, rally and commemorate, we must check our hearts and assure that they are aligned with God. Why must we gather and rally?

Although 1.5 million Armenians perished and thousands were set upon death marches, exiled from their homeland, Turkey continues to vehemently deny these atrocities. Those who dare teach these truths either disappear or languish in Turkish prisons – Turkish prisons hold more journalists than any jail system in the world. We gather because the truth matters – especially for those who died with no voice to proclaim it.

After the recent war – the onslaught of Azerbaijan upon Armenian enclave Artsakh, Armenia lost much historical land and villages which they inhabited for thousands of years.

“The Greek geographer Strabo, who is estimated to have lived from 64 BC to 23 AD, included Artsakh in his geographic description of Greater Armenia, writing that the entire population spoke Armenian by the second or first century BC, an observation confirmed by archaeological finds.” (Read More: https://www.grunge.com/260893/the-long-and-tragic-history-of-artsakh/?utm_campaign=clip)

Armed with the wealth of military weapons supplied by Turkey, Israel, and Ukraine, Azerbaijan now salivates with prospects of further aggression once the ‘cease fire’ period is over. Ukrainian President Zelenskyy, believed responsible for supplying the Phosphorus bomb that devastated Armenian environment, openly celebrated with Azeri President Aleyev’s victory. Thousands of Armenians died, thousands are displaced, suffering as the world does not look on. We gather to be a voice for those who suffer in silence – we will plead your cause; we will lift you up in prayer. We will not forget you.

Ultimately, we gather to encourage one another and reaffirm our faith in God, regardless of outward situations. While possibly tempted toward vengeance, we must pray for our enemies – may the Holy Spirit convict them, take away all their false peace, and cover them with a shame and godly sorrow that will lead to repentance. As our people suffer and homeland is stolen and destroyed, we must be the serving hands and feet of the Lord to help them and above all, encourage them that “Հայկական հողէ” – Armenian land- is not their forever home – our heart must be set upon the Kingdom of God.

Armenians unite! Let us honor those who died for their faith by living for our faith for the glory of God.

16 thoughts on “Hayer Miatsek!

  1. I wrote last year about Israel’s support of Azerbaijan. Because the Azerbaijanis have oil and are willing to sell to Israel 🇮🇱 the Israelis favor them over Armenia and give drones to the Aliyev Regime. I am no fan of Zelensky and now I have one more reason not to be a fan of him.
    My senior pastor of my church is of Armenian background. Zac Nazarian. And a Presbyterian Church I went to until 2008 also a pastor of Armenian background. Mark Nazarian.
    I have lots of respect for the Armenian People. So many terrible things they have endured and still endure with the Azers.
    California as you know has lots of Armenians, especially the city of Glendale. I have an uncle who lives there and I meet lots of Armenians when visiting Glendale

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  2. Oh my Lord, how right He was when He said the heart of man is desperately wicked. Genocide – what an ugly word. My heart has been broken with everything that is going on. May God protect and bless the beautiful Armenian people. My optometrist is Armenian and he asked me if I had any Armenian friends and I told him I had one online Armenian friend and her name is Lisa Beth. Good to hear from you friend.

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  3. “Turkish prisons hold more journalists than any jail system in the world. We gather because the truth matters.” It’s scary the way whoever controls the media controls the narrative and gets to decide what is “true” and what’s “misinformation.” God bless you all for coming out to make your voices heard.

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