WHY RUSSIA IS NOT THE ENEMY — The Scripture Library

An Unpopular Opinion Regarding the On-Going Russo-Ukrainian War by Jeff Dominguez

Last February 24, 2022, Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, launched a full-scale attack in an attempt to invade their neighbor country, Ukraine. This caused immediate chaos and panic across Ukraine and has made the entire world worried. International leaders joined forces to convince Vladimir Putin […]

WHY RUSSIA IS NOT THE ENEMY — The Scripture Library

The unprovoked invasion into Ukraine is shaking the world with grief, fear, and anger. For an Armenian, it stirs up utter dread to see a powerful nation invading a peaceful one for no reason, exacting destruction and ruining lives. As I fervently prayed for the Armenians besieged by Turkish backed Azeris, I pray for the Ukrainians, for the strength and faith of the body of Christ, for fighters’ fortitude, for God to intervene as their high tower and bulwark.

But like Jeff Dominguez elaborates in this embedded post, I also cry out for the Russians. The Russian soldiers, conscripted and compelled to fight, duped by propaganda. The Russians and Ukrainians, neighbors since forever, share similar if not the same culture, religion, and family life and history of communist tyranny. They marry each other. Russians have no blood lust to kill their neighbors.

I pray for them, that their hearts be gripped with conviction and their feet weighed down like lead. May their eyes are opened for repentance and cause them to retreat – confounding the world and exalting the Lord.

I encourage anyone reading this to read brother Jeff’s post. I never saw his blog before but last night I came to a realization as I turned away from the harrowing newscasts. This is not normal or rational, it is outside the flesh. This is supernatural, and Putin is inspired if not captivated by demonic forces.

For us as believers to be true contenders in this battle, we must enter in spiritually. Yes, we could make our anguish known to legislators and contribute to humanitarian aid. But we ourselves have a Commander and Chief. We are not conscripts, He owns us completely. I pray that, under the Lord’s authority, we gain spiritual revelation of these world events, direction in prayer, and see the opportunities to extol our Savior and His Kingdom – the only true and lasting hope.

May we link arms as His body and stand as a light in this darkness.

23 thoughts on “WHY RUSSIA IS NOT THE ENEMY — The Scripture Library

  1. I agree with what this author has said. I have been saying that not all Russians want this and they have been protesting this. There is massive spiritual warfare surrounding this. What all is genuine war and rumors of war can be hard to discern. Once again the big picture is being missed and people are emotional and fearful. God have mercy. Thank you for sharing this, Lisa!

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    • Mandy! I just got to your email and, as you suggested, searching out ‘cryptocurrency’! I hope that as a people we don’t miss the “big picture”, it’s so easy to get swept away in the fervor and chaos. Always love to hear from you sister, thank you!

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      • I am so thankful for this post! It’s a voice that needs to be heard! I am thankful you took the time to quick search crypto. I am so thankful that we are secure in Christ, even as everything around us crashes and burns. I am so thankful for you sister and I do hope you and Bob travel my way this spring!!!

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  2. Thank you, Lisa Beth, for sharing this perspective. We should never forget who the real enemy is. I have a daily prayer, which may seem unloving at first, but it isn’t really. I pray that those the enemy has been using for evil will be tried, convicted, and sentenced in this life, so that they have a chance to repent and be saved. If they are allowed to go to their graves thinking they got away with their crimes, it’s unlikely they will repent. Then they’ll face ETERNAL punishment, which I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.
    (But by the grace of God we could have been the ones Satan uses.)

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    • Ann, its always good to hear from you, thank you for your encouraging comments. Your “daily prayer” is not unloving at all but very godly. I join you in such prayers, even praying for my elderly parents everyday, “Lord, magnify their sin for them to see and repent and truly see their need for you as Savior”.
      If we truly believe in the coming judgement, this will be our cry.
      Thank you sister.

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  3. I have no hatred for the Russian People. We must pray for both the Russians and Ukrainians. I am not going to write any posts on my blog about Russia and Ukraine, because I have nothing to add on the war. I’m glad you wrote this post and shared the article.
    I see you and Mandy talking about Cryptocurrency. On Sunday I wrote a post about cryptocurrency. Only Mandy read the article and left comments on it. There are some people at my church investing in it and I am researching it more

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  4. Lisa Beth, thanks for this post and the attached article. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is horrific, but as you point out, there is spiritual warfare going on. The vast majority of Ukrainians and Russians are unsaved and need to trust in Jesus Christ as Savior. Perhaps in their despair, some on both sides will trust in Christ because of this. News sources have reported on how some Black refugees are facing overt racism and hostility from Ukrainians as they try to flee the region and so we see persecution also practiced by the victims.

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    • “The vast majority of Ukrainians and Russians are unsaved and need to trust in Jesus Christ as Savior” So true, they are predominantly religious ‘Christians’ and I pray they will cry out to God and enter into a living faith.
      Ukrainian pastors tweeted out urgent need for Bibles, saying the people are hungry for God’s word. I hope and pray so.
      Thank you Tom, always good to hear from you.

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  5. A very worthy perspective, and one that is badly needed amidst all of the political propaganda. We are of a different kingdom and should have the prespective that accords with our true citizenship and commission. God bless you, Lisa Beth.

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  6. You clear voice is appreciated. It’s truth and love that we fight for, rather than against human beings. From Romans, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

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