NYPD: Missing Man Formation

Almost everyone grieves the loss of these two outstanding young men, dedicated to public service, ambushed and killed by a treacherous reprobate. To honor their service and sacrifice, I would encourage those who missed the services to view the funerals online for Detectives Jason Rivera and Wilbert Mora, promoted posthumously.

Prior to my retirement from State Parole, I covered the Harlem precincts, including the 32 precinct, for nearly 30 years. We often worked alongside NYPD during investigations, executing warrants and making arrests. On my own, I averaged about 20 homevisits a week in Harlem, checking on curfews, parolee status, community and family complaints, and general assistance to releasees. That’s about 1,000 home visits a year. While there were some hairy moments, I was never afraid, never wanted to leave the Harlem community for ‘easier’ precincts or positions.

That was then.

Just a week before these shootings I wondered, How to Live in a Reprobate City, noting the dilution of criminal offenses by newly elected D.A. Bragg. The deaths of Detectives Rivera and Mora now mark the fourth and fifth shootings of NYPD officers in January alone seem a grim launch into 2022.

We don’t have a ‘gun problem’, as some politicians would sum it. We have a serious violence problem, morality problem, and sin problem which is reaping the dark and tragic fruits of lawlessness.

As Detective’s Mora’s casket left St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the skies held a traditional sad tribute – a Missing Man Formation. In honor of a lost one of valor, planes or helicopters fly overhead in formation, then one will depart.

Today, helicopters flew in Missing Man Formation to honor Det Wilbert Mora,

Mora missing man formation

While both Detectives Rivera and Mora are a tremendous loss to our community, there is, I fear, one even greater.

The incremental annihilation of God’s laws, God’s ways, and God’s decrees is leaving us to the destructive ways of human nature. We have boldly rejected God and elect men and women to establish this anarchy.

There is a colossal Missing Man Formation flying overhead everyday. His absence and departure, His abandonment in judgment, will culminate into the worst lament of mankind.

May we, who know God, seek Him everyday, call upon Him everyday, walk with Him everyday and however He wills, may we boldly represent God and His salvation through Jesus Christ alone. He may be a ‘Missing Man’ to those around us – let us be a light that He may be seen.

29 thoughts on “NYPD: Missing Man Formation

  1. “The incremental annihilation of God’s laws, God’s ways, and God’s decrees is leaving us to the destructive ways of human nature. We have boldly rejected God and elect men and women to establish this anarchy.” Yes, yes, and yes!

    Thank you for paying tribute to these men, Lisa Beth. Tremendous post.

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  2. Lisa very well said! You honor these two officers who gave their lives as you express our responsibility in moral and spiritual truth.
    We must be the light so the world can see.

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  3. It is indeed very sad to know or rather feel the grim situations where people ignore the statutes of the Lord,you are absolutely correct in your views that people must fear the Lord to have peace in the society anyway I regret the killings of the two efficient officers of valour.May their souls rest in peace.I shall pray for you and your region.God bless dear sister.Take care.🙏🌹

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  4. “We don’t have a gun problem,but a violence, morality and sin problem.” Absolutely. My heart goes out to the loved ones of these heroes. I pray for my son who lives in that city. It is repulsive to see what our leaders have become. My heart aches. Come, Lord Jesus, come.

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  5. It is very difficult being a police officer and more so in other communities than others. There are some bad cops out and there, but lots of honorable police too. Sadly all police get lumped together as bad, and being a police officer has become even more difficult. I feel sad especially for the family of these 2 fallen police.
    Yes we are seeing the horrible consequences of the moral decay of our society and country. Come Lord Jesus.
    Thank you for writing this post, especially with your police background sister

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    • The wife of 22 year old police officer Jason Rivera spoke at his funeral. She said they had an argument before he left for work the day he died. It seems they were out somewhere together and rather than have him drive her home as usual she decided to call Uber because they were arguing. He wanted to take her home and said this could be the last ride I ever give you. He died later that night. She said it was the biggest mistake she ever made calling Uber. I believe they were married last October. It was the saddest speech and my heart was broken for this young woman. Don’t quote me exactly, but that’s pretty much how I remember what she said. Sadder than sad.

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  6. Thanks for this post, Lisa Beth. Society is drawing farther away from God’s precepts and conditions are continuously deteriorating as we witness every time we turn on the evening news. God and eternal consequences are rejected so people are increasingly “free” to do whatever evil enters their hearts. We know that salvation in Christ and societal “morality” are not the same thing, but at least there was a semblance of the fear of God back when we were kids. We’re seeing the beginnings of a complete breakdown.

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  7. Thanks for sharing on my post about communion! Our communion for our small church is rather small, we have a deacon in charge of passing it out and I check to make sure we have enough elements for the following month. Wished we can bring back our love feast!!


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