The Caravan Keeps Going….


A lively discussion of current events ensued during a recent stay at my parents’ house, voicing critical and disparaging opinions of political leadership. Sensing its futility, my father put the kabbash on the debate, “There’s an old Armenian saying” he said, “‘Շունը հաչէ, կարավանը կը քալէ’, The dog barks, the caravan goes on…” No matter how loud our complaints and objections, none will not stop or change anything!

My father was born and raised in Syria, lived in an Armenian community, amongst Arabs and Jews. He speaks Arabic, Armenian, Turkish, English and French – and also remembers wonderful cultural adages.

Though the debate ended, this particular proverb stayed with me, bearing spiritual significance. How many Christians ‘bark’ at social and political movements and protest immorality and corruption? Are we ‘barking’ at the caravan, at the multitudes marching upon that ‘broad road that leads to destruction’? Will that bring about any real change? Is that what the Lord did, what the apostles did?

“We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one”.

Believers, above all people, should know that this world is on a course; the fruition of sin, the rampant rebellion, and grievous apostasy are all prophesized with detail. The utter futility, if not devilish snare, of protesting and vying for political power has no place as we serve our King.

I pray to live as a “stranger and sojourner” here in this condemned world. May I resist every fleshly temptation to change the course of this world. With resolve I pray not to bark at the caravan but may God help us to rescue those marching in it.

25 thoughts on “The Caravan Keeps Going….

  1. I envy people like your dad who speak multiple languages!!!! No matter how hard I try to learn different languages, I come up short! Praise God smiling goes along way!!!! Anyway, fantastic post! Wise counsel about Christians and barking and that the caravan keeps going on. Prayer is the best thing the people of God can do in these times. I am so thankful for your heart for God and truth, Lisa!!! It’s not easy being one who exhorts believers; however, I am glad you are!!! Lots of love, hugs and blessings!!!!

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  2. Thank you very much dear sister for your thoughtfulness and concern for the day today happenings in different parts of the world.It is indeed a grace to know that we ought to leave everything in the hands of the Lord and pray incessantly for discernment and thereafter the consequences we are likely to face will certainly be in our favour,the caravans will certainly face the crucified Lord one day as Saul had faced and will pay heed to the cry of the Lord “Why do you persecute my followers “.God bless.Take care.🙏

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  3. I’ve heard that the most popular Bible verse used to be John 3:16, but now it’s “judge not.” Jesus did say that, in the Sermon on the Mount. But later Paul said we ARE to judge those within the Church. This is an important distinction. As your father said, our ranting won’t change the fallen world. but our prayers can help bring those people to Jesus.
    At the same time, within the Church we should be striving to help one another be better, to correct, when necessary, to rebuke and warn. The Lord is refining His people, preparing His Bride for His return. Instead of raging against the lost for doing what lost people do (or as one pastor put it, “getting mad at a blind man for stepping on my toe.”), we should be striving to be more like Christ ourselves. That should keep us busy enough. 😉

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