Where He Leads is Worth the Wait

Some beloved brethren had been praying for me in my search to find a church, not just a church but to be ‘placed in the body exactly where He wants us.’ Instead of writing out emails, I’m posting the Lord’s answer!

The pandemic taught me the value of home worship, personal growth in scripture, and gathering with ‘two or more’ in His name. When churches opened we began to seek out fellowship. After 20 years under Pastor Dave Wilkerson’s godly leadership, we had a firm scriptural foundation and clutched the standards of God’s word.

So often though, our spirits cringed at the compromise, the levity, the carnality, and worldliness that frames many churches today. Without obedience, without preeminence, the Lord will not lead. Godly roots that once bore eternal fruit seemed pulled out and discarded for modern, entertaining, and diluted gospel messages. But we pressed on…

In October I felt inclined to visit a church that I had vaguely known about for several years. I had never visited but during the Azeri invasion upon Armenians last year (Sept to Nov 2020) they were the only church to have online prayer meetings. Joining in, I was impressed with their genuine faith and zeal. The Lord heightened my interest in this church until we finally visited The Armenian Evangelical Church. Bob and I don’t usually gravitate to an ethnic or race specific church but this one proves different.

Week by week the Lord answered the questions in my heart, checking off Biblical standards of worship and fellowship that would not escape my heart. The Bible wholly believed, honored and esteemed as God’s unchanging word? Preaching the whole counsel of God? Service with frequent prayer? Songs, hymns, honoring and exalting the Lord? Pastor personable, available, and offering prayer and godly counsel? Yes, yes and yes!

It is the newest oldest church in New York. New with a bright new pastor, zealous for the work of God to go forth, not just for Armenians but for ‘whosoever’ the Lord will gather. New with folks the Lord called in, Bob and I (a Puerto Rican and Armenian), a Turkish Kurd, a Cuban and Filipino.

Established in 1896, we just celebrated our 125th anniversary. This church, downtown Manhattan, was founded years before the Armenian Genocide which began in 1915. My heart is gripped wondering, how did they gather and worship when our people were slaughtered and annihilated for their faith? What messages were preached, how was their faith challenged, even crushed…

Did they know we would be there today, singing praises and believing God?

God often answers our diligent, ongoing, persistent prayer in a multifaceted way. He did not just bring me to a godly church. Not only to a growing fellowship led by His Holy Spirit. Not only to a pastor under whose authority I can submit….

But the Lord brought me to Armenians not gathering to mourn and commemorate, not gathering to protest and march, not gathering for a wedding or funeral but gathering with joy before the Lord, with a living faith and an expectation of God’s leading and life to go forth.


New friends, new pastor in middle, new smile on my face…

Several of my readers were praying for us and I truly want to thank you and encourage you all, press on, do not give up. If the Lord has you waiting in a pasture, let Him feed you and speak to you there. Where He leads you will be so worth the wait.

28 thoughts on “Where He Leads is Worth the Wait

  1. That is a wonderful update.
    I just wanted to give a friendly spellcheck. In the post when you talk about a Turkish Kurd, Cuban, and Filipino you misspelled and wrote Pilipino.
    I hope that there will be a memorable Christmas Eve Service at this church. God Bless you and family Sister

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  2. “But the Lord brought me to Armenians not gathering to mourn and commemorate, not gathering to protest and march, not gathering for a wedding or funeral but gathering with joy before the Lord, with a living faith and an expectation of God’s leading and life to go forth.” Amen and Amen! So glad God is giving you this small taste of Heaven now to encourage others. Praise God for His leading and guidance. Praise God for y’all’s obedience in following Him. May you be strengthened by this community of believers as you strengthen and encourage them! Lots of love, hugs and blessings to you, Bob and Starry! Love the picture!

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  3. Thank you sharing this praise, Beth. We are all blessed who have a church family whose fellowship is with the Father and the Son and who upholds the standards and doctrines of the full counsel of God. Not all are so blessed. Love, prayers, and blessings for you all.

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  4. I’m so happy God led you to a church where you feel at home. I know it’s been a long process that took a lot of patience on yours and Bobs part. But, waiting on God paid off. Love seeing your smiling faces. 🙂

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  5. I’m so glad you found such a wonderful “home.” I want the same things in a church that you do, and I am thrilled with our church here in Louisville. As Mandy said, it IS a taste of heaven, isn’t it?
    P.S. Just curious, did you go the church of Dave Wilkerson, as in “The Cross and the Switchblade”? Or a different Dave Wilkerson?

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    • Hi Ann, it’s good to hear from you! So glad to know you have a great church – I believe the Lord is preparing us with fellowship for the days ahead.
      Yes, we belonged to Pastor Dave’s church (who write the Cross and the Switchblade) those were the best days of growing in God’s presence. The best in so many ways. ⚘


  6. It’s indeed a great news during the festivity of Christmas.The Lord has been loving to all of us,who are eagerly waiting for his grace to move on with greater zeal to spread the message of true love.Thanks a lot dear sister for sharing such a good news.Wishing you a Merry Chrstmas in advance.Take care .🙏😊🌹

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