Who Wants to Read About Humility?

I had Andrew Murray’s book, ‘Humility’, on my shelf for sometime. I probably looked through it once but never prayerfully, seeking what the Lord may have for me through this godly brother. There are less than 100 pages to this book but beware, every sentence holds godly truth. Murray begins his weighty discourse describing humility as most essential yet most neglected to our salvation:

…(our) whole relation to God and man marked by an all-pervading humility. Without this, there can be no true abiding in God’s presence or experience of His favor and the power of His Spirit…Humility is not so much a grace or virtue along with others: it is the root of all…”

He asserts that he himself, along with many Christians, “had long known the Lord without realizing that meekness and lowliness of heart are to be the distinguishing feature of the disciple, as they were of the Master.”

Such “distinguishing feature” is hardly evident in the church today…is it at all evident in me?

While written in 1896, Murray aptly describes the Body of Christ today, striving for and rejoicing in “manly virtues, such as boldness, joy, contempt of the world, zeal, self-sacrifice” while the “deeper graces” taught by Jesus, “most distinctly connected with His cross and the death of self – poverty of spirit, meekness, humility, lowliness – are scarecly thought of or valued”.

God may give boldness to the weak and timid while they live out His call but boldness alone is not esteemed by God. He does not “exalt” the bold but the humble. In fact, God declared, “This is the one esteem: he who is humble and contrite in spirit, and trembles at My word.” (Isaiah 66:2)

If it is at all possible to make humility exciting, Andrew Murray does it. Humility – the way of victory, of entering God’s presence, the way God exalts us – the way of the cross!

Like all aspects of the Christian life, humility is not merely something to agree with but is essential in our walk and surrender to our Savior. “The highest lesson a believer has to learn is humility” and I think I’m just in Humility 101.

“Take every opportunity of humbling yourself before God and man…Accept with gratitude everything that God allows from within or without, from friend or enemy, in nature or in grace to remind you of your need of humbling and to help you to it.”

Yesterday, the morning after I finished this book, my husband Bob did something thoughtless, (ok, unintentional) that irks me very much, as though it could totally discombobulate my day. The fact that he’s done it several times before raises the temp. Murray’s exhortations of humility, verbatim, rose up in my heart but I resisted them, lecturing and blaming Bob, following his steps out as he left for work. I left for the laundry room.

As I stuffed the clothes in the machines, my heart was gripped and convicted. I repented before the Lord and called Bob right away and apologized, truly from my heart. He was very sorry too – just a mutual binding together of sorry hearts that ended up uplifting the morning!

“Accept every humiliation; look upon fellow man who tries or vexes you as a means of grace to humble you.”

Just today, as I was writing this, a situation arose through a phone call with someone who “tries and vexes me”. I actually prayed, “Lord, convict her heart in this situation.” But within an hour, the Lord showed me, clearly, that I was wrong in the scenario. I had to point that out to her and apologize. And, I had to thank God for these opportunities, exposing my uprisen flesh and the lack of this godly virtue.

Murray points to Paul who earnestly asked the Lord to remove the ‘thorn’ that humbled him. Like the Apostle Paul, virtually all Christians want to pursue humility but in truth want to avoid all that humbles. But, Murray concludes, “Our humiliations lead us, in the experience of the presence and power of Jesus, to choose humility as our highest blessing.”

My husband and I are earnestly praying to know God’s call and to serve Him in these, our senior years. In response to that prayer, the Lord is revealing what is really lacking – and what is truly needed. Of course, writing all this is somewhat humiliating – don’t expect follow-up posts!

“God exalts the humble”. In the meantime, I hope to stay teachable, even if it is Humility 101. I know that the Teacher has a great interest in my passing and, as I keep returning to class, He will never fail me.

Who wants to read about humility? Who wants, really wants, to be humble? I hope it’s me!


30 thoughts on “Who Wants to Read About Humility?

  1. Oh wow …😳
    You’re not the only one whose husband offends at times. (Unintentionally ❀️) As I read this, I am in a different room, because I wasn’t feeling respected for my opinion, which happened to be different from his. πŸ™„ (Humility also involves not insisting that everyone agrees with you and thinks you’re brilliant.)

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    • Are you serious? This morning my husband offended me so bad, the worst since the early days of our marriage, 17 years ago this month. Then he left for an appointment in a distant city and I spent the entire day with my phone OFF, not wanting to be bothered. I spent most of the day feeling like I can’t take it anymore. I kept trying to pray, but I couldn’t even do that right. I felt at times like it was the end of the world.

      And now I read this post, and Ann’s comment, and suddenly I don’t feel so miserable and alone. Thank you both, so much.

      Humility, huh? Oh dear Lord, I need Your guidance. Thy will be done, not mine.

      But OUCH!

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  2. Thanks for your honest sharing, Lisa Beth, I know this is an area that needs much work in my own life as well. I’ve been blessed by every Andrew Murray book I have read, and I happen to have this book, and likewise have not yet read it. Perhaps this is a timely reminder to give it a read! God bless!

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    • I really appreciate your comments brother. You have that book too? Maybe the Lord is stirring His people, preparing their hearts for service in the coming days.
      Good to hear from you Craig!

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      • Perhaps so! Yes, I have it as an ebook. I picked it up some time ago, intending to read it some day. I have found his writing to be rich and reliable. Not too long ago I read “Abide in Christ” and was blessed. He left quite a treasury of written works.


      • Yes brother, I love a hard copy to highlight and re-read. I don’t have many of his books, maybe one other, but I now see how edifying his work is. I’m sure I’ll find more and hopefully, write another review! πŸ€”

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  3. Thanks, Lisa Beth, for this post on humility. We know we are to be obedient and humble servants of the Lord, but our prideful flesh often gets in the way. I appreciate how you shared some recent personal experiences. We tend to want to portray ourselves as perfect Christians with perfect marriages and no bumpy roads on our spiritual journey.

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  4. All of us need to read on humility. A class I am taking at my church to be an Exemplary Husband has an entire chapter dedicated to pride and humility. Our human nature is naturally so prideful and humbling ourselves is therefore very difficult. I’m glad you are reading this book and that it is changing your life and helping you in your Christian Walk

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  5. Humility is a daily lesson. We think we can do it, have it, know it. But God…..He continues to show us we can’t do anything without Him. If God does not show us this pride issue in our own hearts how then can we know His will in refining us?

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    • Amen Nancy. I find that the Lord reveals my ‘deficits’ – putting it kindly- in everyday situations. I pray that humility takes root in my heart, but its not easy! πŸ€”


  6. God has a lot to say about humility/pride, obedience/disobedience. I need to read about humility to keep me humble, just like I need to read stories of the obedience of saints who have gone before me/us so not to stray off God’s path. I am learning all the time for God to convict, change me rather than someone else. God will honor that prayer of changing me more so than me asking God to change Nathan or my dad etc for my personal good (hope I am stating that in a manner that makes sense). Ultimately the question of Micah 6:8 is the same to us, β€œwhat is it that the Lord our God requires? Do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with our God.” I want to hear more posts like these! Love your authenticity and wisdom!!

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    • So much godly truth here Mandy, thank you so much. “God will honor that prayer of changing me more so than me asking God to change…” (Bob or others) – yes, I really agree! Sometimes one verse seems to say it all, Micah 6:8.
      Thank you for all the ways you add goodness to my posts and others! ⚘

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  7. Dear Lisa Beth, thank you for sharing your experiences and your gleaning from Murray’s book on Humility. For years I read and studied this book. In 2014 I shared each month A Broad Review of Andrew Murray’s Humility, a chapter each month. Then in 2017, I published this review and study. I would be glad to send you and anyone else a PDF copy. You shared my take-away from the book on accepting everyone who tries or vexes us as a means to humble us. The beginning, “The mystery of grace teaches us that when we lose ourselves in the overwhelming greatness of redeeming love, humility becomes the consumption of everlasting blessedness and adoration” was my first memorization with others following. Every day, seven days a week, in A Broad Review I include the thoughts we should carry at all times with us concerning humility. Murray reminds us that humility is not something we can do on our own. He suggests first we have to understand our need for it to overcome pride, to desire it, pray for it and wait for Him to work it in us. I had to do this through the years I cared for members of my family, especially for fourteen years for my husband who died last year. Blessings as you continue to experience the Lord’s working in your heart and life.

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