Exposing the Darkness

There is a video now circulating online, on secular and Christian sites. It is a gripping video made by Altiyan Childs, an award winning Australian singer/songwriter. With his success came the downward spiral of drug and alcohol abuse until, he testified, the Lord saved his life and soul. Childs was a Freemason. When Jesus Christ set him free from sin, He also opened his eyes to the demonic darkness entrenched in Freemasonry.

Hence Altiyan’s compelling video.

I rarely post videos of any kind and this one is a long one. But I found it both compelling and spiritually shaking – a shaking that most all believers need today.

Childs presents bold evidence of Freemasons gaining strategic and high positions in government, entertainment, sports, and the media. Less known are the leaders now in religious groups, including some mega-churches. This has sweeping ramifications. The power to manipulate culture and politics and covertly collaborate is precisely the underpinnings of one world power, domination, and control.

Importantly, Childs exposes the dual existence of the outer and inner memberships. There is a large sphere of Freemasons that maintain a positive and productive vein in society. Hospitals, charities, and community services are aspects are founded by Freemasons. While all members take life risking oaths, most never see what goes on in the higher levels – the inner courts where dark spiritual powers are beckoned, worshipped, and availed.

Freemason literature and high ranking doctrine define the ‘masses’ as ignorant, vile and stupid, easily manipulated. Christians are singularly pointed out as those who defy the entrenched Freemason Satanic religion.

This video injects gravity and depth into God’s continual call in scripture to separate from the world. It punctuates and explains the warning from James,

“…don’t you know that friendship with the world is hatred toward God? Anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God.”

We don’t ‘miss God’s best’ or ‘miss the mark’. Entanglement with the world is hatred and we become God’s enemy because “the rulers” “the authorities” “the powers of this dark world” wage war against God and do so through willing men and women.

I avoid conspiracy theories and ‘deep state’ perspectives and views. But I hope that Altiyan Childs video will open eyes of believers and stir us with the urgency to delve into scripture, fervently pray, and prepare to endure near future events.

36 thoughts on “Exposing the Darkness

    • Thank you Mandy, it’s always good to hear from you. This is a different post for me but I found the video so revealing. It refocused me toward the realities of spiritual powers and end time prophecies. I’d be interested in your thoughts after you see it.
      Press on sister.

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      • I have shared this video. I agree we can’t pray against this. I have been interested in international freemasonry and the Muslim brotherhood (not to sound like a wacko!). Nathan has experience with this so I had Nathan watch half with me. I don’t think we need to analyze every handshake like you and Wil said. I also agree with you about reinforcing the realities of spiritual powers and end time prophecies. I do hope folks take the time to watch this video. It is insightful. May people turn to Jesus while there is still time! Love, hugs and blessings!

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      • Hi again! Ok, so I have shared this with more people and they had time over the weekend to watch it. Nathan and I watched the half that he didn’t see last night. What amazes me (and Nathan) is how much people don’t care or do not see the spiritual warfare in which to pray for the Lord to prepare us for, to help us endure etc. I remember one of my first Seminary classes we had to expose lies in our culture. I wrote on the satanic temple wanting to have an after school satan club to counter Christian Good News Clubs. There was a time when people would have been at a minimum uncomfortable with satanic worship being prevalent in society but again folks see this as no big deal. The irony is that the satanic temple is a 501c3 tax exempt organization; the true Church needs to be ready to give up this status. The government will call the Church evil and hateful, yet satanic worship will be good, inclusive and enlightening. Oh how the devil has blinded the masses eyes! Although I have read over and over in the Bible that darkness, lawlessness and evil will rule in the last days, I never understood what that looked like. More and more are we seeing not only what it looks like but how to pray and depend on God through it. Thank you again for sharing this! So thankful that you are in Christ! Praying for God to prepare His people and to bring those who do not know Christ into the fold by grace through faith. I didn’t mean for this to be so long! Love, hugs and blessings!

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      • Oh Mandy, I so appreciate your wise comments on this subject. The devil’s deception and manipulation is really phenomenal.
        The authority of demonic powers and principalities seemed ‘fleshed out’ in this video. And how much greater is our Lord’s omnipotence and sovereignty!
        Thank you again Mandy, I pray for you and Nathan and thank God for you. 🌷


  1. Revelation tells us of a future one world dictatorship ruled by the Anti-Christ. The Free-Masons are part of that. It is futile to pray against this, since we are dealing with prophecy, but we need to pray to prepare for things to come. I know that posting this types of posts takes boldness, since there is a fear of being viewed as a “conspiracy theory nut” and alienating friends. This post reminded me of the 2004 movie National Treasure

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  2. I don’t see you as a Conspiracy Theory “nut,” Lisa Beth. I enjoy your posts.

    As is often said, it’s not a theory when the conspirators let it be known what they are doing. In my opinion, while mason’s say they are a “secret society,” much has been exposed in the last fifty–at least–years, by former members and others.

    For those unaware of masonic’s ubiquity, this does tell all. And for that there is value in watching.

    I do have concerns, however, about some of the underlying messaging in Mr. Childs’s video. I commented on Geri’s blog, “Absolute Truth from the Word of God,” when she posted the video. Folks may view that comment here if interested: https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/34822229/posts/3320417535

    One concern is exactly what “complicatedpolitic…” commented regarding the futility of prayer against the rise of this particular evil.

    The other is that some may, with out realizing it, look at every “hand shake” to see if it is a sign of belonging to this evil society, even becoming suspicious of their own pastors.

    All things in prayer. . .

    L-RD Bless, Keep, Shine. . .

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    • Thank you Will, I appreciate your thoughts here. I was actually going to add, “I dont consider every dubious handshake suspicious…” but I forgot. I know many people take odd grips due to arthritis and even cultural norms.
      I saw the video on Geri’s blog and others. I hope it is viewed and at the least, draws believers out of complacency.
      Thanks again brother.

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  3. Thanks, Lisa Beth. I will be watching soon. The Masons once had a giant “temple” in downtown Rochester which they had to give up because of dwindling membership, but that certainly doesn’t mean the Masons no longer have influence. It’s amazing that born-again believers can rationalize joining the Masons.

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    • From my understanding, Freemasons did dwindle over the years with ‘secret societies’ getting bad rep. But they have emerged with an improved exterior (like Shriners Hospitals, which are Masons) but the inner circle maintsins a demonic religion and its political & cultural influence seems far reaching.
      Let me know your thoughts about the video, thanks Tom.

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  4. Wow, wow and wow. Hidden in plain sight. Evil cannot get more evil than this. These are the kind of people hell was made for. Let us keep praying, praying for our families and especially our children. “Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world.” Thank you Lisa Beth for this video and may the Lord protect Altiyan Childs.

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  5. Because these things must come to pass (e.g., Daniel 7-13, 2 Thessalonians 3, Revelation 13) I understand why some say or think we can’t pray against this. However, I disagree to the extent that we need to engage in spiritual warfare to our part that things are done in God’s timing and His Way. True, the Luciferian’s (Masons, Illuminati) and collectively anti-Christ’s are part of the formation of the NWO which will become the kingdom of the Beast. However, as we see this day, they’ve really accelerated their wicked plans and evil schemes to impose the demonic NWO. So, let’s fervently pray that the Lord’s will be done. Also, since we understand the times , that the days are evil and time is short, let’s save as many souls for Jesus as we can.

    Christians. Let to your light shine in this dark world! “so that you may become blameless and pure, ‘children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation.’ Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky” (Philippians 2:15).


  6. We know that there are many enemies of Jesus Christ and Christianity, of course including the Luciferians (Masons, Illuminati). I don’t know or understand it all, how various people are involved or how they overlap or are intertwined. One can perceive the kingdom of darkness as like as pyramid, a hierarchy if you will. Satan, the Devil or Lucifer, as the apex of the Pyramid of Evil/Wickedness. Below would be The Anti-Christ (first Beast in Revelation 13, then the False Prophet (second Beast in Revelation) I suppose. Below that, I’m not sure how various people and organizations should be depicted. Such as George Soros, Klaus Schwab, the Bilderbergers, Masons, Illuminati, CFR, WEF, Club of Rome, Committee of 300, Council of 39, Council of 13, and the 14 Satanic bloodlines/families.


  7. Dear children, this is the last hour; and as you have heard that the antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have come. This is how we know it is the last hour.—1 John 2:18


  8. Let’s not forget that Satan (Devil) has a counterfeit for everything, including the Holy Trinity. The Holy Trinity consists of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. This can/could be depicted as 777. Satan’s counterfeit of the Holy Trinity, the “Unholy Trinity,” consists of Satan, the “Anti-Christ” (first Beast in Revelation 13), and the “False Prophet” (second Beast in Revelation 13. This can/could be depicted as 666.

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