The Purpose of Pharaoh – I Mean Biden

exodus II

Much of America continues to lament, if not protest, the election of Joe Biden. Was it fair? Was it rigged? Was there fraud? (What? Fraud in politics? Shocking!) But in how much up stir should the believer in Christ partake, might not sovereign God have a purpose in raising and establishing leaders and kings? He says He does in Daniel 2:21,

“He changes the times and the seasons: he removes kings, and sets up kings”.

An elementary view of the Hebrews in Genesis into Exodus finds that, following a severe famine, God brought the sons of Jacob into Egypt where they enjoyed prosperity and the best of that land. God providentially brought Joseph into Egypt ahead them and raised up this godly young man to be a powerful leader. God established Joseph and blessed His people through his reign.

Generations later, an oppressive and cruel Pharaoh arose over Egypt and the Lord declares that He Himself raised him to power. Why? Through this despot sovereign God would display His powerful attributes over demon gods and in doing so, set His people free.

But the bigger picture may be missed here. God raised up Joseph through divine providence to be a reigning power in Egypt and through him the people of God were gathered there. They enjoyed the best of the land, prosperity and safety. Life was good for many generations. Why leave Goshen? Who wants a nebulous ‘promised land’ or ‘deliverance’ from a good life?

Raising up a despot that would oppress and enslave was a formidable catalyst for a heart cry to God. And became the fire needed to ignite their hearts to separate and flee.

With all the American clamor and protests about elections, fraud, economic and legislative fears, have we become so attached to Goshen that we have lost sight of the Promised Land, eternity in God’s coming Kingdom? Have we any cry for our Deliverer to “save us from our sins” and “rescue us from the dominion of darkness”? Or do we just want deliverance from leftist socialist intrusion into our prosperous and enjoyable life?

Many Christians are praying for God to remove people from office, install others, and abolish immorality. Was it at all possible for the Hebrews to pray away Pharaoh? Could we imagine praying away the Antichrist? A pastor’s wife, who had asked me to pray for a election overturn, replied to my objections, “It’s only prayer, what harm will it do?”

Are we rubbing a genie bottle or approaching the King? Aren’t we compelled to pray in His will, to align with His heart? There is a harm in trivializing prayer and the holiness of Whom we beseech. Moreover, if we are occupied with the thoughts, desires, and will of our own heart and the things of this world, what true burdens are we neglecting of the Lord’s heart?

The Lord says nowhere, “make yourselves at home in this world”. He says live like strangers, foreigners, and aliens. For the most part, those folks can’t even vote. Without an oppressive Pharaoh, perhaps the Hebrews would still be in Egypt. What will charge us toward our Deliverer and turn our hearts away from the things of this world to our promised land?

Campaigning for righteousness, morality, and prosperity seems very good and unifying but it is not the Gospel. Morality marches seem virtuous, even invigorating but are always ecumenical. The true Gospel is unpopular, and our true strength does not come from improving the world but separating from it.

Whomever is inaugurated in January, let us draw nearer to our King. As the world spins faster to its demise, let us not miss one call, not one divine assignment or appointment. I pray we not settle for improving or upgrading this already condemned world but set our heart on things above, that the Lord might lead and fulfill His purposes through our imperfect yet willing vessels.

Missing God’s call because of ‘good causes’ would be the worst fraud of all.

However difficult to receive, if it be God’s will, let ‘Pharaoh’ step up and lead. God reveals His great power with the backdrop of darkness.

25 thoughts on “The Purpose of Pharaoh – I Mean Biden

  1. Praise God for what felt like an invigorating breath of fresh air to my spirit. May the Lord bless your heart-felt and biblical call to a higher perspective on our current events. He is Lord, and He will be glorified, and we are called to be focused on His kingdom.

    It is right for us to pray for the prosperity and righteousness of the Babylon in which we sojourn, that we might be free to pursue the advancement of His kingdom, but to murmur and complain for our “rights” and campaign against political developments is beneath the bride of Christ, and perhaps a sign of divided loyalties bordering on idolatry.

    If any should object to so strong a term, let them consider in their own heart whether their passion for the Lord’s kingdom and the salvation of souls finds as energetic and frequent of an expression in their public and private discourse (and their Facebook page) as their passion for the election outcome and related political developments.

    Rather than beseech the Lord to change the current political / cultural environment, how much more becoming would it be to beseech Him to show us what He is doing and ask how to use the current cultural upheaval to His advantage in the spread of the gospel.

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  2. Lisa Beth, thank you for this excellent post! My sentiments exactly. Christians living in America have been misled from pulpits for 250 years by messages that continuously mixed faith with prideful nationalism. We are ambassadors and pilgrims here rather than deeply-rooted patriots, but that is so contrary to the still widely-held paradigm of America being a “Christian nation.” Believers in this country are going through a very uncomfortable period as the old, cherished paradigm becomes less and less tenable. Your example of the Israelites dwelling in Egypt is spot on. This is going to sound like rank heresy to many, but I would posit that having a “benevolent pharaoh,” such as a Ronald Reagan, was ultimately detrimental because it propped-up and prolonged the misguided “Christian nation” notion.

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    • Thank you Tom for such edifying comments. Separating my heart and mind from nationalism opens up God’s truths in greater measure and sharpens the reality of His return.
      Thank you again Tom for your encouragement. Have a good weekend.

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    • I’m sorry Papa Tom but I think it’s not a bad thing for people to admit they are grieving by what is occurring. By not admitting grief it turns to unrepentant anger and the last thing this world needs is more angry people! I am actively asking God to help me respond to the coming changes in a way that pleases and honors Him. I am proud to be an American; however, I am a citizen in this world NOT of this world, so I am grieving for all the people who depend on the USA as well. I appreciate your confidence in all of this!!!! I appreciate you!!!

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      • Thanks for the comments, Mandy. I appreciate you as well! It’s not upsetting to me that we disagree a bit on this topic. I realize that the vast majority of believers in this country hold to some degree of Christian nationalism because that’s been the predominant paradigm since the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth. I know my view is definitely in the minority and would even be considered as radical by most believers. The first Gospel-preaching church we attended for eight years when we were new believer was strongly Christian nationalist (it patterned itself after Jerry Falwell’s Thomas Road Baptist Church) and that experience changed my thinking. It’s not that I’m totally apolitical or anationalistic, but I have definitely moved towards having more of an emissarial attitude toward this country than the deeply-rooted, patriotic view I once had.

        One associated topic that really interests me is the rise of “American civil religion.” During the Eisenhower administration, with the threats of communism and nuclear war looming, Ike and other politicians took Christian nationalism and crafted it into American civil religion, whereby citizens of all religions, Protestants, Catholics, Jews, could join together and sing in unison, “God Bless America.” Ike had “In God We Trust” stamped on currency and “One nation under God” added to the pledge of allegiance. Civil religion was an amalgamation that made reference to a nebulous God or a supreme being, but shared national citizenship took precedent over creeds and the Gospel. Of course even civil religion is now on the decline in the increasingly secular USA.

        I offer the resources below only if you’re interested. I won’t be offended if you’re not. Wow! You really got my brain working on a Saturday afternoon!

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      • Nathan is retired Army, he has been to every hostile place the USA has been Somalia, Haiti, Rwanda, Bosnia, a whole lot of places unable to discuss as well as Iraq 3 times and Afghanistan once.

        I know you have people who served in your family. I am thankful for their sacrifice, truly. I deal with things daily that you cannot imagine. I’m not saying we are the best place but we certainly aren’t the worst. I do know that people can worship whatever god or God Himself that they so choose far more freely here than elsewhere.

        I am not a fan of Jeffers or Falwell. I need to stay away from the blogging world because I am so sick of everyone spouting politics, or their lack of interest in politics yet from behind their screen they let their fingers on their keyboard do the talking.

        I will pray for you with this job! It used to be if you were older in France you would be hired or keep your employment more than a young person.

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      • Thanks, Mandy. I’m very cognizant of all of the freedoms we enjoy in this country and I’m sincerely grateful to Nathan and everyone else who sacrificed to preserve those freedoms.

        I appreciate your prayers for my interviews! It’s an awkward situation to be applying for jobs at 64YO. I’m willing if the Lord provides an opportunity.

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  3. For whatever reason God has allowed me to travel all over His Good Green Earth, yet at this moment I lament. I will be honest, Lisa Beth. I am struggling mightily with the policies of this upcoming administration. I said to Nathan, my mom and a few other friends, I don’t know what’s worse, never knowing certain freedoms or knowing them and actively seeing you are losing them? I don’t think I am longing for Goshen or the return to Egypt. I am a person who feels, thinks and experiences situations deeply both in terms of pain and sorrow as well as joy. To deny that I feel sorrow and lament would be a lie and I don’t want to lie to God or to others!

    I appreciate what you are saying. I don’t disagree with you. Sometimes I don’t think people in the USA realize how good they really had it believers and unbelievers and they/we are all gonna find out together because cliche as it is, we rise and fall together. Love you sister, I appreciate you and your heart for Jesus and His Gospel!

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    • Oh Mandy, thank you for sharing your personal and important views. I too feel sorrow and lament in fact, I was totally aghast when NYC lit up to celebrate and literally applaud 9 month abortion provision. I’m still aghast.
      But while we lament I believe we must acknowledge the sovereignty of God in all. Years ago Watchman Nee taught, in Love Not The World, that every country and every facet therein is being groomed to come under antichrist reign. It cannot be changed. He said interface with the world as though it is heroin.
      Pastor MacArthur admonishes people to stop trying to resurrect a fallen world, judgment is already made, all that awaits is imposing the sentence.
      I lament with you Mandy even as NYC is being ruined and unraveled at warp speed. But I want more than anything to be God led and God called. We wont stop the fire but we can pull some sheep out.
      God bless you sister, and thank you again. ❤

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      • Thank you and praise God, Lisa Beth! After I hit send I have terrified that I may have offended you! Watchman Nee is a wise man (I loved Sit Walk Stand) and I absolutely agree with MacArthur and you in “want[ing] more than anything to be God led and God called.” I can say that your posts are ALWAYS pointing me toward Jesus and the Kingdom that is coming! Love and blessing!!

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      • Mandy, no need to feel any concern or angst when sharing your views here. We are sisters following the Lord. I am so grateful for you and others who read, write and share about God. Press on! ❤

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