Oh Lord, Arise and Save!

Phosphorus Bombs, banned by International Law, pummel the rich forests of Karabakh, creating an environmental disaster.


MAJOR: Azerbaijan Uses Banned White Phosphorus Munitions in Nagorno-Karabakh (VIDEO)

The crisis in Karabakh is a multiple humanitarian catastrophe, driven by the Azerbaijanis but, without a doubt, charged by the Turkish government and their pledge to resurrect the Ottoman Empire.

To sum up the dire situation, the population of Karabakh, approximately 150,000, was attacked on September 27th when Azerbaijan staged a surprise bombing. The daily horror in this Armenian enclave escalates daily as Turkish employed mercenaries and Jhadists are launched into this battle.

Cluster bombs, Turkish drones, phosphorous bombs hammer the land and people….

Thousands of Armenians are displaced and winter’s coming….

How does a rural enclave of villages stand against oil rich Azerbaijan and the military strength of Turkey?

All I know is this: the Ottoman Empire strove to annihilate the Armenian people in 1915, through a strategic and merciless genocide of 1.5 million Armenians. Survivors of this crime against humanity were displaced throughout the region. Like my father’s parents who survived the death march into Syria, many prospered in foreign countries and ventured on to further freedom in the United States.

Many held on to their Christian faith, built churches, and continue to worship and serve God. Although Armenia was the ‘first Christian nation’ in 301AD when apostles Thaddeus and Bartholomew preached the gospel there, it is predominately nominally Christian.

However, since this onslaught upon Karabakh, the slumbering faith of many Armenians is rising up to stand and fight. We are fasting, praying, locking arms through Zoom around the world, in a unison cry to God.

Please join us in prayer for the sake of Armenians survival.

The Azerbaijani government hired a high level Washington DC public relations firm to produce deceitful media to skew public opinion. Adolph Hitler did the same thing in Washington to ‘polish’ the reputation of the growing Nazi party. https://www.warhistoryonline.com/war-articles/us-public-relations-firm-hired-nazi-germany-spread-favorable-propaganda.html

The BGR firm is now spinning events, interfacing with media and politicians, to serve this client. I could not be at the BGR Washington rally….

Please pray for the Armenians in Karabakh.  That they are still surviving is a testimony of God.  True believers and nominal alike there know, without God there is no hope.

  • Pray for President Harutyunyan and the Defense Minister, pray for commanders and soldiers.  Lord, give them wisdom, discernment and strategy beyond their ability.  Encourage them as their world and fellow man seems devastated daily.  
  • Please pray for a spiritual awakening.  As priests are baptizing soldiers on the battlefield, let them receive true salvation.
  • Lord, strengthen Your people, the Body of Christ, endow them with courage and unction 
  • Pray for the truth of war crimes and atrocities to come out 
  • Pray for God’s intervention against the Azeris and Jhadist fighters, God Almighty, strike them with confusion, fear and panic.  As King David cried, let “…their path be dark and slippery; with the angel of the Lord pursuing them…” 

Thank you.  

18 thoughts on “Oh Lord, Arise and Save!

  1. Thank you, Lisa Beth, for bringing this tragic outrage to the attention of your readers. As believers we need to be praying for our brothers and sisters around the world, particularly in those place of which we are unfamiliar. May God bless and protect the Armenians, as well as bringing multitudes of the them to saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ!

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  2. Thank you, Lisa Beth, for bringing this escalating tragedy to our attention. I will pray for the Armenian people, that God will intervene in this hostility against them and that many will turn to Jesus Christ. NATO is a joke when Azerbaijan can mount this aggressive attack with the aid of member Turkey.

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    • Thank you so very much for your prayers Tom. Yes, NATO is a cruel joke. I was just in a prayer meeting with other Armenians who expressed such gratitude that missionaries had gone out to Armenia over these past few years to preach the Gospel.
      Thank you again Tom, appreciate your concern and prayer.

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  3. Hey, Lisa Beth! It is a disgrace what is happening. Turkey should have had their NATO status revoked when the said no to troops stationing their with OIF1. I am praying for your people. I am praying for Turkey and Russia to not use Armenia for another proxy war. I am praying for people in USA to open their eyes that more is happening in the world than Trump and Biden. You are loved Lisa Beth. Keep raising awareness, your voice and wisdom is needed!

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    • Amen and amen sister Mandy. I so very much appreciate your informed and supportive comments. Sooo true about the USA! May the Lord burden our hearts with what burdens His.
      Thank you again, your prayers mean so much. Only with God’s help could they even still be in the fight.
      Pressing on…

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