Signs of The Times and The Suburbs

The implosion of major US cities is no secret.  Even as steadfast New Yorkers, we prayed about leaving, considering a condo in the country for a real change.  However, while visiting my parents, my elderly dad offered, “Why not move in with us?”  As my 90 year old mother slowly passed by with her walker, the country real estate postings in my mind went ‘poof’.  Grateful to enjoy and honor my parents in their senior days, we are for the most part, in suburbia.

For me, ‘suburbia’ tries hard through landscape to look ‘country’ and tries hard through programs to be ‘cultural’ but it misses the urban and rural essence somewhat.  Nonetheless, aside from occasional days back in NYC, I am here to serve the Lord however He assigns.

Part of my personal routine here is an early morning worship walk around the neighborhood where I free myself to sing to the Lord, add some dance steps to my walk, and pray.  Seeing occasional rabbits hop by or chipmunks scurry adds to my joy.

What takes away my joy is the boisterous signs that seem to declare a self-righteousness that, at times, pointedly disavows God.

20200804_065602One popular sign asserts the gamut of humanistic values on evolution, gender equality, immigration, and, in rainbow colors, sexual affirmations.

WE BELIEVE…..and believe so strongly that we want to post all this on our front lawns!

There are ‘minority’ families in the neighborhood, black and Indian.  Notably, none of them have any such signs, an ongoing reminder of what our black friends in Harlem reported months ago, “Yeah, Black Lives Matter marched through Harlem…but they were ALL WHITE PEOPLE!”

20200804_071213    20200804_070050

According to The Acton Institute, BLM champions: Reparations through racial socialism, Defunding the Police, Dismantling the family, Global overthrow of Capitalism, Reparations for drug dealers and the legalization of drugs and prostitution….

Hello neighbors, is that what you really believe?  If any ONE of these things happened on your pristine street you would dial 911 and fast….

In a culture nearly scrubbed of God, people are hungry for ‘righteousness’ and some kind of zeal to stir their hearts.  So needy for meaningful passion they will follow and ride a Trojan horse even to their own detriment…

What can a believer do during daily walk-worship?  Pray for my neighbors and believe that Jesus Christ, our Head, moves His Body around with eternal purpose.  If I had my own home, I would put my own sign….


I’m no graphic artist but it’s a start…

May the Lord inspire and encourage you as you press on for His glory!


21 thoughts on “Signs of The Times and The Suburbs

  1. Excellent thoughts, Lisa Beth! I know a few believers who have allowed themselves to become caught up in this zeal for the temporal despite the unapologetic anti-God philosophies of BLM.

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  2. What those signs really say is “I am on Twitter 24/7” and “look at me, I am SO virtuous!” I think I also see “If you don’t agree with me, you must be a white supremacist.” Those signs sure say a lot!

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  3. I found myself writing in my journal a few weeks back “Christ Matters” … simply because there are so many crusaders today … who seem intent on dismantling the city wall. There is a pressing need for Christians to be salt in the world… prayerfully Jean

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    • Unfortunately, you’re probably right.
      Even if I could put a sign on my father’s lawn here, it would grieve me to see it defaced.
      On the other hand, maybe someone would pass by and say, “Hey, another believer!” 😀
      Always good to hear from you brother.


  4. My neighborhood is full of signs too. It does feel like virtue signaling, or in our case outright shaming aka “Silence equals violence.” As someone who was present in Estonia during the coup de tat of 1991, I am deeply saddened by our failure to learn from history. We can attempt to force our way, or through example and leadership, persuade other to follow. I’m all for the right to protest, but was taught, as many of us, that my right to protest ends at my neighbors nose and property. We are fasting for this election season as a couple. May the Lord bless and keep us all!

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