Days of Noah? Days of Sodom?

There are less than 100 days left until the US presidential election.  This is of great concern to nearly everyone, regardless of party affiliation.  But should those days preoccupy the hearts and minds of Christ’s Body?  Every heart, including mine, longs for safety and normalcy, but is safety really ‘normal’ in a fallen dark world?

Under the guise of ‘free love’ and ‘peace’, the sexual revolution of the 1960’s swung open the gates of fornication, homosexuality, and promiscuity, leading to a harvest of broken families, infidelities, abortions, and single parent homes.  More than ‘normalized’, we have pridefully displayed our sexual deviances with boisterous parades and youth indoctrinations.  Yet, as in the ‘days of Lot’ in Sodom, we are “eating and drinking, selling and planting…” living our lives normally but oblivious to the ominous judgment looming overhead.

Now, under the guise of ‘peaceful protest’ and ‘racial equality’ we have, increasingly, a “world filled with violence”.  Might God determine of us as with Noah’s violent generation,  “…that every inclination of the thoughts of the human heart was only evil all the time.”?  Ongoing wanton and pointless rioting with ‘leaders’ nodding with tacit approval, swings open the gates of man’s lust for violence – gates not easily or even possible to close.

And yet Jesus said that in the ‘Days of Noah’ as with Sodom, “People were eating, drinking, marrying and being given in marriage…” – all good things, even things ordained by God but with one caveat:  They were so intertwined with the world, they were oblivious to the warnings of sure and horrific judgment.   

Perhaps most American believers, like myself, are not tempted to be promiscuous or violent but the temptation to enter into political forays is almost irresistible.  Like ‘eating and drinking and marrying’, it seems normal, if not good and necessary, to champion the cause of what is right, lawful, and moral.

But, I believe, the challenge for the godly in these days is this:  Will we view our world through the platform of Republican/Democrat or through the lens of God’s unchanging word?  Are our hearts gripped with urgency to restore a prosperous and ‘normal’ society or are we gripped with an urgency, as Noah had, to preach the Gospel and warn of sure and horrific judgment?

We have saturated our culture with a shallow and benign “God is love”, “Jesus loves you” message that served only to squelch the fear of God that we so desperately need.

Less than 100 days left for election?  That’s 100 days to commit to God’s word, to dive into end times scriptures that Jesus, who does love you, proclaimed to warn and prepare whomever will heed, that He is returning as Judge as the world ripens for God’s wrath.

Don’t resist but dive into scriptural study of end time prophecies and, I urge myself, commit again to studying Revelation.  Read and re-read, call upon the Holy Spirit – our Teacher and Counselor.  Refer to reliable commentaries.  As beloved Pastor Ben Crandall always exhorted, “Get into this Book and get this Book into you!”

We don’t know who will win elections but omnipotent and sovereign God proclaims the truth of what is happening and what will surely happen.  For the prayful and hungry heart, He will reveal these truths and root them deep enough for us to bear fruit as His ambassadors.  With convicted hearts, not campaign flags, we’ll proclaim the next big event – Christ’s return as Judge and the outpour of God’s wrath upon a rebellious, unbelieving world.

Help us Lord, to resist the pull to ‘normalize’ our tumultuous world.  Give our hearts a hunger and understanding of Your word – let it sink in and overflow to those around us that we may fulfill Your call upon us in this world.


25 thoughts on “Days of Noah? Days of Sodom?

  1. would you be interested in being interviewed on your faith story?
    please let me know, I do a program- The Call please go to my website and check it out

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    • Thank you Nancy for your kind and inspiring invitation! I did just visit your site and listened to The Call. It’s encouraging to hear the testimony of other brethren and you do well to present it.
      Thank you sister, but I’m not good in front of cameras, even facetime or zoom!
      God bless you as you press on in Him.


  2. So true, and so well stated, Lisa Beth. Western Christians have wrong priorities, when they should be, as you’ve written: “Less than 100 days left for election? That’s 100 days to commit to God’s word, to dive into end times scriptures that Jesus, who does love you, proclaimed to warn and prepare whomever will heed, that He is returning as Judge as the world ripens for God’s wrath.”

    Oh that we would be a people committed to our Savior in the dark days we are now in — and the darker days ahead — and devote ourselves to the study of His Word and sharing that Word with anyone who will listen!

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  3. Very strong message for the readers,people are confused as they can’t find the real reasons for the ongoing problems in their country ,in the states and in their lives.I am sure they will try to find time to repent of their shortcomings and iniquities to resolve their problems. Thanks a lot for sharing it.Take care.🌹👍🙏

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  4. Beautifully said! “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Yet a baby in the womb is not considered life in the most “civilized” country in the world. Abortion has been something that has always boggled my mind. May God have mercy of what is left of America. Love you Lisa Beth and am praying for you.

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    • Sister Eve, your comment says so much. It takes a reprobate and depraved mind to approve and celebrate abortion up to 9 months as NY did.
      May we cling to God’s word and uplift one another in the days to come. Press on sister!

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  5. Lisa Beth, thank you for this excellent encouragement to believers to keep our focus on the Lord and to prioritize the spiritual as ambassadors of the Lord and His Kingdom rather than prioritizing temporal.

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    • Dear Nina, thanks so much for the encouraging reblog! I have found and appreciate your site as well. Just want to mention, I clicked on your ‘gravatar’ to get to your site and it took me to an empty wordpress address. Might want to update that so others can find and enjoy your posts! Thanks again, press on sister!

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  6. Excellent post, Lisa.
    Weeks ago, I was watching the news about the pandemic and the ‘protests’ then a commercial about the Ark replica in Kentucky came on. I thought of Jesus’ words in Matthew 24. Wow, we’re here! You are so right, we need to dig deeper into God’s word.

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    • Brother Bill! It’s always a joy to hear from you. That ark in Kentucky must be such a sight! Of course, the REAL ark is upon Mt. Ararat in Armenia. 🇦🇲 Thank you Bill, you’re such an encouragement. Send ❤regards to Mary!


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