‘Defeated’ but Refocused and Refreshed

In Time to Quit or Go Deeper , a looming social and political threat hung over our neighborhood at large.  The same villainous City Councilman who championed Columbia University’s takeover of our street, now spearheaded a major rezoning of the neighborhood at large, opening floodgates of opportunities to big developers and real estate moguls.  Without exception, ‘rezoning’ = ‘gentrification’ in NYC, always resulting in the eventual displacement of thousands.

protest sign

We were, indeed, sold out!

Yesterday, August 8th, I joined a large gathering at City Hall, planning to attend this fateful public vote but found we were all shut out.  Nonetheless we stayed and voiced our opposition on the steps of City Hall.

The City Council was well aware of the residents’ vehement objection to this pervasive plan.  None the less, they voted  43-1 in favor.  Even Councilmen who previously expressed objection changed their vote. 

If pressing in with the Lord, going deeper, results in such a devastating defeat, why bother?  Because the ‘issue at hand’ is usually not God’s focus.  I prayed for my neighbors, whom I hardly knew and found myself alongside them in battle.  Personally, I do not subscribe to the ‘social gospel’ or ‘felt needs gospel’ and never believe, ‘together we can change the world!’  But as our hearts were charged with the issues at hand, the Lord did a work that eluded me for all these years living here.  I came to know and love my neighbors, enabling me to care and truly pray for them.   

Going deeper into fellowship with the Lord, through worship, prayer and His word, will not guarantee any worldly victory.  But a sincere heart, determined to meet with sovereign God, will hear from Him.  All else becomes inconsequential in His presence as His word brings clarity, light, and understanding.  Moreover, as we present ‘our heart’s desires’ to Him,  the Lord may refocus and redirect us to His desires, His focus, and His plan.  He is, after all, our Commanding Officer.

Amid the earthly defeat – and there will be many more and worse in these last days – there is one sign that I will never stop ‘carrying’.  I posted it in my young brother’s hospital room.  Soon, nurses and attendants were taking photos of it to share with those who suffer.

My brother died in that room, but the sign is still here…


May we, as the Body of Christ, lock arms and go deeper – not into the world but into His presence.

Still praying for my neighbors……


26 thoughts on “‘Defeated’ but Refocused and Refreshed

  1. Such beautiful faith in the midst of life’s questions…as you so wisely suggest, God’s plan and purpose are not necessarily what we would humanly wish. And yet, we know He is good! Thank you for this wonderful reminder, Lisa! ❤ ❤

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  2. Lisa Beth, I am saddened that circumstances did not turn out as we had hoped and prayed. But your testimony is a big blessing to me and I’m sure to the many others who will read it. We trust in Him.

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    • Thanks Tom for your kind and encouraging words. Yes, seems like a season of defeat! But ‘”Praying For My Neighbors” was a cry for their souls…still pressing on in that battle. Thanks again brother.

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  3. In most western societies we live in a democratic country by word alone.

    Satans disciples (liberal minded folks) are increasingly attempting to suppress our rights and we with morals are considered intolerant.
    I see it more and more even in our useless town council where money talks over the will of the people.

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  4. Lisa Beth, I praise the Lord for your witness of His work of grace in your own life. This will speak volumes to your neighbors. We pray you all know His will in the days ahead as you trust Him. Blessings, we pray for you and your neighbors.

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  5. Wonderful word sister Lisa! Your resilience is not a natural trait, but a fruit of the Holy Spirit inside you. Holy grit and determination to go on for God regardless of things present comes out so vividly in this. Thank you once again.

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    • Thank you for your beautiful words, I really appreciate them. Don’t know if I’ve heard of Holy grit but it stirs my heart…it’s just what we need more & more in these last days! Thank you brother.

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