Waiting on God, Praying for my Enemies

We’re waiting on the Lord to reveal His will in this battle, remembering that, with God, the ‘thing at hand isn’t always the thing He’s after’.

haven avenue photo

God is not concerned about the asphalt and tar but the souls upon Haven Avenue.

The reporter from the NY Times that interviewed us, story here, is a Rhodes Scholar, here in NYC from Oxford, perhaps just for the summer.  Was this a divine appointment?  Will his report come forth with passion – come forth at all?

As believers in our community group, we fervently pray to share and demonstrate faith in God and worthiness of trusting Him.  May the Lord be exalted apart from every fleshly effort and plan!

But we are also strongly praying for our ‘enemies’, the executives of Columbia University who have forged a trail of expansion through NYC, currently staking more claim upon our street, Haven Avenue.  We’re praying for our Community Board members – those who turned their face from the outcry of the residents to align themselves with a power source.   And, we’re praying for our City Councilman who betrayed his constituents while sitting amongst the executives of CU,  championing their conquest in our neighborhood.

What is my outcry to heaven for my enemies?  It is for their souls.  “Lord, bring them to a place of shame, to their knees in godly sorrow, quicken their conscience and take away their false peace.  Lead them to true repentance, the doors of life.  (not sure if this qualifies for ‘loving my enemies’ but hopefully my heart is moving in the right direction!)

I am not a Bible teacher, but today while reading II Kings 6:8-23, I saw a true display of godliness toward ‘enemies’.  As the King of Aram dispatched an army to capture Elisha, I am reminded and refreshed by the revelation that God dispatches His own army (as given in Hebrews 1) to defend and protect His people.  Elisha’s prayer for his servant is akin to mine for my neighbors,  “Open their eyes Lord, let them see”.

Moreover, Elisha’s prayer for his enemies, “Strike these people with blindness” was not at all to conquer or crush them but rather, to steer them in an unexpected direction, away from their wicked path.  Once blinded and led before the king of Israel, they were helpless captives, easily positioned to die.  But God’s prophet Elisha prepared a great feast for them!…and “Aram stopped raiding Israel’s territory”.

And so I pray for my enemies.  May the Lord disarm them, lead them to His Kingdom where they may eat and drink, and go forth surrendered to His will.

Please pray for my neighbors and my enemies!  May the Lord forge ahead through your trials and battles as well.


15 thoughts on “Waiting on God, Praying for my Enemies

  1. Great post, Lisa Beth, and great use of one of my favorite portions of Scripture (which I just read yesterday, in fact). One of the keys to coping with our “enemies” is praying for their salvation. It is hard to hold to hatred against those for whose souls you are praying. Continued blessings upon you and those being affected by CU’s actions.

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    • Thanks so much David! Although I was reading II Kings chronologically, this familiar passage really stood out. Even reminded me of Romans 12:20, “If your enemy is hungry, feed him…” That’s what Elisha did! I really appreciate your comments – let’s see what the Lord will do next!

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  2. Lisa Beth, thanks for sharing this latest chapter in the struggle for your neighborhood and keeping things in a Biblical perspective. Yes, it’s hard to pray for our enemies. I pray for everyone involved in the turmoil on Haven Ave., and that hearts will be softened and led to true repentance!

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    • Thanks so much Tom! I’m beginning to see that, as Christians, we have an advantage over our enemies…the Lord is on our side! Looking forward to my next post here…what might the Lord do? God bless you Tom, and God bless the Padres too!!

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    • Dorothy, you and your family are such beautiful people, how happy I am to know I’ll be related to you forever! Thank you for your kind words, praying for you and Forrest today.


  3. I’m sorry you’re having to go through this, and I don’t know how things will eventually turn out, but I said a prayer for you and your believing friends and family to know what to say, what to do, and what to believe about all this. I sure do admire your perspective. Your words help me keep my own battles in proper perspective.

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