Lunching in Bollywood

Pastor David Wilkerson often spoke of God’s move upon him to rid his home of television. He considered it the turning point of his spiritual life. Similarly, Joseph Allen Ramirez, blogger of Complicated Politics ( recently posted on May 7th a 10 year anniversary of being TV free. I applaud and esteem such believers who choose to “guard their heart” from useless worldly programs that most often offend God.

However, as a retiree, I often schedule an hour lunch break and watch an hour of a movie while eating. A love toward India grew through years in a ministry and my travel there. The ministry has since tragically imploded. Although these films, produced by Aamir Kahn are not Christian, they stir my heart with love and prayer for India. Aamir Kahn is perhaps the most celebrated actor/producer in India today, his movies capture the culture, faith, hardships, and social ills of the Indian people. Music and dance are often woven in seamlessly within a meaty story plot.

laagan pic

Kahn’s first release as a producer was Lagaan in 2001, a highly acclaimed, widely popular film which was nominated for an Academy Award. It is set within a rural Indian village, late 1800’s, with the oppression of British rule. While the story is lodged around a high stakes Cricket game, it is surprisingly enthralling.

What impressed me….

Faith brings light and life to the despair of these villagers and, in one moving scene, they cry out to their adorned Hindu god. It is striking to see hundreds of villagers gather, tearfully bowed, with open arms to heaven singing:

“Oh god, Oh saviorWe have no one but you

Ease our troubles lord, we have no one but you

you alone are our sole support, you alone are our guardian,

you have filled the moon with light, the sun shines only because of you…

Oh lord, if not you, who would preserve this life?

Oh savior, we have no one but you

If you would hear us, Oh lord we make this plea

grant the suffering courage, to the weak grant your protection so they may live in peace

you are the lord of the universe, listen to this plea, when the path is dark, give us the boon of light

Oh savior, we have no one but you…”

The solemn prayer and worshipful outpour really impressed me. Yes, Hindu temples are ominous and idolatrous. But the question to my own heart is, does my reverence and worship of the One true God exceed the worship of idols?

Jesus warned that our “righteousness must surpass that of the Pharisees and the teachers of the law”. Shouldn’t our worship and reverence exceed that given to idols? Does it?

The weakest part of American Christianity is its most celebrated – worldly ‘worship’, levity and lightness, and utter familiarity with God. The lost religious world, seeing Christianity through that lens, now rejects the marketing of God and the well funded entourages that work the crowd.

Yes, this song is part of a movie, but also a believable representation. Hindu gods are revered and worshiped with sacrifices and adulation. Do they know that Christians are called to “offer your bodies as living sacrifices”? Do we ever appear to “Serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling”?

Many love to sing, “I am a Friend of God!” but how often do we exalt Him as a “consuming fire” who “lives in unapproachable light”? The Apostle John, probably Jesus’ closest ‘friend’, “fell at His feet as though dead”.

Perhaps our hearts will stir to pray for our Indian brethren, that their light will cast the truth upon the hearts around them. May the Lord water every seed planted there.

Let not “the rocks cry out” nor idols receive the hearts of man. I admonish myself, knowing that “…the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God”, and pray that my worship of the one true God, our only Savior, grow in holiness worthy for a coming Judge and King.


15 thoughts on “Lunching in Bollywood

  1. Hey, Lisa Beth! I appreciate your heart for India. So much need! I had to laugh at your Philips, Craig and Dean (โ€œI am a friend of Godโ€) reference who are Oneness Pentecostals (they are Trinity deniers in that they believe God is three manifestations not One Being, Three Persons). I am encouraged to hear that you watch this program. It makes me reflect on what I run/turn toward in my time of need. Thank you for sharing this!

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    • Mandy, thank you so much, I just saw this and so glad to hear from you!
      Mandy, I can’t believe you mentioned the Oneness doctrine ๐Ÿ˜ฎ! In my hopes to share faith in my community, a week ago I logged onto a Prayer Group on a neighborhood media. It seemed ok, prayed with them last week then the leader started promoting a warped teaching online. Warning signs stirred in me. I researched the salient points and found ONENESS DOCTRINE. I responded to his online discourse – he didn’t deny it but offered to discuss the issue offline. Haha, no way. But thank God others read it and the truth came out.
      That was yesterday, the 1st I heard of this devilish distortion of God’s precious word.
      โค thanks Mandy, I almost missed your valuable input! โค

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      • False teacher TD Jakes is another Oneness Pentecostal. He says he has embraced the Trinity, however, everything he promotes says otherwise. Praise God the others in your group saw this truth. I am SO encouraged that you are willing to call out the pastor. Iโ€™m also glad you wonโ€™t discuss this with him offline! You are such a wise and godly woman and I am thankful for you!

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    • Good to hear from you brother! I do not much mention that Indian ministry. My husband and I supported many missionaries and children and many evangelical initiatives for almost 10 years. I traveled through India and met with many front line pastors and believers. I treasure those days so very much. But when the head of the ministry fell away and millions of $ misappropriated, it brought such shame and ruin, lives were crushed. I cried for weeks and do not speak about it.
      Nonetheless, I still love the Indian people, one of the best Bible teachers is in Bangalore (Zac Poonen), I learn a lot from his teachings.
      Thank you Joseph for your kind comments.

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