God’s Appointed Leader

There is a great American divide arising. Democrats, Republicans and all those falling into such camps are arming themselves with as much clout, money, and free flowing power to manipulate prevailing culture. The fortitude of this divide will surely unravel the nation. Predicted, if not premeditated, calamities are coming to fruition. The elected leader of a world power came to office as a weak, infirm, elderly man. Personal security cannot hide President Biden’s frailty…

biden falling

This is no indictment against frail elderly.  They should be esteemed and cared for in every way, not propped up for political puppetry.  After only three months we are seeing the façade crumbling.  What and who will rise up to the forefront will inflame national division and stir implosion.

If God appoints leaders, and He does, and God appointed Joe Biden, what is God’s call to His body in the USA?  Why is God exposing our national weakness, frailty, and utter folly?  

The greatest interest of Almighty God is His people on the earth.  Through them He determines to be glorified and exalted.  Towards this the Lord can orchestrate events and circumstances to separate His people from this world.  Perhaps it is not hard for believers who live under Communism, Islam, or dictatorship to ‘separate themselves from the world’.  But Christian Americans have interwoven themselves through church, civic duties, and charitable initiatives to their nation.  Our light however, is not casting out the darkness, the darkness is dimming our light.  

Dare we read the scriptures in this manner….

Do not love the United States or anything in the United States.  If anyone love the United States, the love of the Father is not in him.  For everything in the United States – the cravings of sinful man, the lust of his eyes and the boasting of what he has and does – come not from the Father but from the United States.  The United States and its desires pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives forever.  (I John 2:15 & 16, modified)

Is the USA in the world or isn’t it?

The devil is happy to see the people of God clamoring after a man made constitution, vying for their rights in a condemned world, and diluting their faith with ‘right minded’ unbelievers. That is no threat at all to the powers of darkness! But let the body of Christ fully trust in God’s unchanging word and separate themselves unto God. Then will we, individually and together, be enlivened by the Holy Spirit to proclaim the Gospel to both sides of the American divide.

According to the late Art Katz, from his book Apostolic Foundations, “…there is something about the nature of nationhood that encourages patriotism, which is an idolatrous preoccupation with one’s nation.”

Satan loves patriotism. It justifies a defendable self-righteousness and deceives even matured Christians. Gaining the attention of ‘important people’ in ‘high position’ is an irresistible allurement to Christian leadership. And still, Satan is happy, for neither Jesus nor His apostles ever jockeyed up the social or political ladder. Every rung on that ladder requires compromise and with each step we lose God’s presence until we reach ICHOBAD.

Through our nation’s division and discord, God is exposing the idolatry of patriotism. Rallying to maintain prosperity, moral ideals, and our constitutional rights makes it impossible to “pick up our cross and follow Christ”. The crucial message of the Gospel becomes little more than a generic message of God’s love instead of proclaiming Christ’s return as Judge and King and calling for repentance.

We are a nation now led by folly, frailty and a crumbling façade. Reprobate minds will lead us further into darkness. May this grip our hearts toward God, may we wait upon Him daily. He may not lead us into powerful political arenas or exciting rallies but to the ordinary, the broken, and those who hunger as the Good Shepherd seeks out His lost sheep.

“Direct my footsteps according to Your word; let no sin rule over me.” Psalm 119:133

22 thoughts on “God’s Appointed Leader

  1. I agree with your post. Patriotism is sadly one of the biggest idols in our country and so many Christians are so dogmatic about it. They fight with anyone who isn’t patriotic. And yes so many Christians want to ally themselves with non-christian conservatives just because they have common grounds on politics. This is our temporary home and it won’t come with us when we die. I have so many dogmatic conservatives in my family who are fighting about the most trivial things

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  2. Wow. This rings of truth like a roll of thunder. For several months I’ve been slowly, intellectually processing aspects of what you described, but this was the jolt the Lord used to finally and fully remove the scales from my eyes and convince my heart. My heart stands convicted, convinced, and full of resolve. Praise the Lord.

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  3. Excellent thoughts, Lisa Beth, and Biblically sound, although probably 85-90% of Christians living in America would disagree with you because the conflation of faith and nationalism has been preached from the pulpits here for 400 years.

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    • Always good to hear from you Tom! My husband and I are lounging at the Cloisters, I hope your day is sunny and restful.
      Yes, sad and true, many Christians would denounce me as unpatriotic and worse. Will they be rallying against the antichrist when he arises?
      May we be girded up in the Lord and His word!
      Press on brother. 😎

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  4. Well said Lisa Beth. What you have written is not the popular view but nevertheless I believe it is the Biblical view. Many believers have gotten caught up in the heated political climate of our day and look to man for deliverance from evil. How did we get where we are today I wonder.

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    • Good to hear from you Cathy, thank you for encouraging comments. How we got here? There’s probably many inroads – ecumenicalism, self – preservation, love of this world….so many detours to that narrow way.
      God bless you sister. 🌹

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  5. Wise words by a wise woman. “Therefore, anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God.” James 4:4. Love you Lisa Beth. I moved to Orlando with my sister Maria. Living in Puerto Rico is very challenging. The Lord gave me my heart’s desire and now it’s time to move on. Bless you.

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    • So good to hear from you Eve, thank you for encouraging words and convicting scripture. I hope all is well, may the Lord guide you in Orlando and in all that you do. Press on sister!


  6. Every four years I realize there’s something intoxicating – and addictive – about politics. Today my husband shared with me an excellent article he’d read about addiction to outrage – how it makes us feel righteous and superior, but is insidiously destructive. On the other hand, if we continue seeking the Lord, life will not be boring! We may not be able to change the whole world, but we can’t, anyway. We CAN make life better for the people around us just by “being Jesus to them.”

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    • Anen sister, being faithful in what seems ordinary can have eternal significance. Your husband’s comments are spot on. Politics and group fervor release portals of our flesh and, with a mob, embolden us to rebel and riot.
      Thank you for your thoughtful comments, it’s always good to hear from you!


  7. Great post, a true, and much needed message, not only in America, but any country where patriotism seeps in and begins to take the place of the gospel in the hearts of followers of Jesus. Here in Northern Ireland we have our own brand of patriotism and sectarianism. But no matter what political party we belong to, no matter what colour our skin happens to be, or what country we were born in, we are citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven, first and foremost, “in the world, but not of the world.”


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