Armed for a Higher Battle

Heated battles in Washington spark flames in the hearts of many believers, including me. It takes daily discipline in God’s word and in prayer to rein in the fervor. I first worked on a political campaign as a teen – and that senator is still in office! Most tantalizing for believers though, are the esteemed ‘Biblical’ values touted in this arena. It is a snare however, drawing us in ecumenically with others to fight a worldly battle that holds no eternal victory.

“Surely the nations are a drop in the bucket…Before Him all the nations are as nothing…” Isaiah 40:15

“Be careful”, I warn myself, “not to invest your heart into something that is nothing.”

It is of utmost importance for us as believers to know where we’re placed in in the Body of Christ (I Corinthians 12:18), His gifts and callings. We’re not honing our skills and sharpening weapons for worldly battles but spiritual battles – those that hammer the forces of darkness while honoring and glorifying our sovereign God.

“Preserving our way of life” is no threat to Satan or any demon. Jesus didn’t come to live a good life and He never said we were either. We are called, as the Body of Christ, to display the “manifold wisdom of God to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms”. Ephesians 3:10 may specifically relate to the profound working of God, making Jew and Gentile ‘one man’ in Christ as Paul proclaims through the chapter. However, the ‘manifold wisdom’ – complex, intricate, multifaceted wisdom – speaks of our mandate as ‘church’, to confound and triumph over “rulers, authorities, powers of this dark world, and the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

National politics fall far beneath such conquests. According to God, they “…are regarded as dust on the scales”.

Worldly battles ignite our flesh but spiritual battles mandate death to the flesh, gaining ‘strength through separation’, in the prayer closet and shut away into God’s word. Those who ‘pick up their cross’ will become increasingly broken yet stronger and geared up for battle.

What is God’s call? Perhaps we can see that His call is not for us to be dependent upon church buildings, organizations, denominations, or activities. As A.W. Tozer once said, many churches gather together for fellowship unlike the ‘local lodges’ after their ‘coffee hour’. The Lord, however, seems to invest His call to those most dependent upon Him. His commission doesn’t come with accolades but the burdening of our heart from His heart, that inevitably leads us to minister and serve.

The world doesn’t care about spiritual battles or victories. Who cares or even knows when a drug addict finds deliverance through the Holy Spirit? Or when the loneliest souls reconcile to their Father in heaven and join in His family? When elderly meet God through His Body, when the proud are convicted of sin, when the sinner cries out, “how could I have lived like that? Rulers, authorities, powers of this dark world in the heavenly realm take notice when they suffer loss and defeat through the lives of ordinary mortals who serve at the behest and walk in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Like most people, I have definite social and political inclination. Still living in NYC part of the time, I have strong feelings which can be impassioned through the media and the willful direction of my heart. But I don’t want to champion candidates or legislation – I don’t want to fight for that drop in the bucket….

I want to be useful to God’s Kingdom, commissioned by Him that He might work through me. No matter how small the assignment may seem, there is no greater honor in all this world.

Press on brothers and sisters!

16 thoughts on “Armed for a Higher Battle

  1. Excellent post, Lisa Beth. I think this really brings out the battle that is always waging within us, the battle of the Spirit versus the flesh. As you said, we all have leanings of some sort, and many truly saved believers have strong — and effective — political leanings which God intends them to use.

    I suppose the key is to understand just how much we are allowing ourselves to be led by the Spirit, and when we cross the line to the fleshly. I’m sure Vice President Pence fights this battle every day, though I believe He is gifted by God and does so with grace and wisdom.

    One thing is for sure, Western believers are heading into a time of testing the likes of which we have never seen. We’ll really get a taste of this beginning Saturday when President Trump names his Supreme Court candidate.

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  2. Lisa Beth, thanks for the excellent post! The church – the body of believers – has constantly struggled with regards to its relationship with the state and has historically leaned way too far towards some form of a state-church alliance. As you mentioned, neither Jesus or the apostles in their epistles encouraged the type of political involvement espoused by many Christians living in America. We should have the mindset of ambassadors and emissaries of the King and His Kingdom rather than that of deeply-rooted, pridefully nationalistic citizens with more in common with politically like-minded unbelievers than with brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the world.

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  3. Well said, Lisa Beth! I have been thinking of trading my smartphone for a dumb phone. While I am all for being informed, I find this constant barrage of political divisiveness is wearing me down. I met a good friend at the park today and we discussed how the big picture spiritual battle is being largely overlooked. Keep speaking truth sister!

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  4. Dear Lisa Beth, it is so refreshing and invigorating to know another sister-in-Christ who wants to live passionately for our Lord. Thank you, and blessings continue for you and through you. We shall see the hand of God if we do not grow weary.

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  5. Great post, Lisa.
    I relate to your question, “how could I have lived like that?” I’ve been asking myself that question since becoming a follower of Christ in 1983. The fact is, I was spiritually blind. I don’t want to push away people who are like I once was by pushing my political opinions on social media. That said, like David, I am praying about this Saturday when President Trump announces his nominee for the Supreme Court. With the big gathering of Christians in DC, this is going to be interesting.

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    • So good to hear from you brother Bill! That “question” also resounds in my own heart.
      Bob and I really wanted to attend the Washington prayer walk but I had already committed to attending and speaking at a memorial service – most there will liberal Democrats!
      I too dont want to champion a political side or agenda but want my zeal reserved for God’s call and purposes. Not easy, but pressing on!
      Bob and I send our love to you and precious Mary ❤ !


      • I was wondering if Bob and you would be going to DC. We will be praying that something you say at the memorial service will change someone’s eternity. We know that the Supreme Court pick is all about abortion.

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      • The issues are so charged and explosive today but we’re looking earnestly to join in the work of the Holy Spirit. We’re disappointed about missing the prayer walk but trust the Lord’s plan.
        Whatever happens, I pray that we all, as Christ’s body, are ready to rise up and serve Him and proclaim God’s truth.

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