God’s Call Within the Chaos

The current plight of NYC is no secret.  Living here for 40 years, as a student, social worker, and State Parole Officer, ‘chaos’ has fueled my career, my social life and increasingly later – my spiritual life in the Lord.  In my 20’s, my neighborhood was laden with drug dealers, so bold in fact that they set up chaise lounges on the sidewalks to sell comfortably!  The huge armory two blocks away from me provided beds for 800 homeless men – broken, addicted, and many dangerous – often spilling out into doorsteps and stoops.

This city snapshot of the 1980’s slowly faded as Federal, State and local law enforcement intervened, politics changed, and social initiatives began.  Uplifted and revived, NYC began to prosper and excel in every way.  There was, of course, still chaos but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Crime, black outs, recessions, terrorist attacks…all brought chaos, but all brought us closer together.  Neighborly bonds strengthened and believers clung together with each other and the Lord.  Ministries grew as the Lord seemingly casted nets out to drug addicts, convicts, and others – many were drawn to the Lord and repented at our church, Times Square Church with Pastor David Wilkerson.  God reaped a harvest in NYC chaos!

prayer in the square

For 3 years TSC had Prayer in the Square. Tens of thousands gathered in Times Square, crying out to God for the city.

No one is sadder than me to say, “those days are gone”.  Why is our current ‘chaos’ so different?

The celebration of sin…

celebrating abortion

Bridges lit up, celebrating NY law that legalizes abortion until birth

abortion announcement

New curriculums for children….

“New York Teaching Pre-K Kids About LGBTQ, Transgender ‘Rights’”

Children gather to new story tellers….

drag queen story hour

Drag Queen Story Hour – a celebrated venue for teaching children new family values and sexual identities within public schools and libraries

There are, of course, too many events and developments to numerate.  But defining truths became evident – repenting of sin shifted into celebration of sin with a zeal to proliferate into school classrooms.

As debauchery fermented, the season of strong church leadership seemed to dissipate.  The ‘torch was passed’ to new leadership that focused on social programs and benign outreaches, often acquiescing to and even accommodating for prevailing moral landslide.

The current urban whirlwind of chaos and destruction is not from a terrorist onslaught or natural disaster, but the dark fruit of leadership given over to depraved, reprobate minds.

“Furthermore, since they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, He gave them over to a depraved mind, to do what ought not to be done.  They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed, and depravity…”  (Romans 1 excerpt)

God unravels man’s biggest delusion:  that you can sin and get away with it, you can disavow and offend God and prosper.  

Foundations of socialism and Marxism taking root in the rubble of shuttered businesses…desecrated social icons….law enforcement utterly scorned, systematically dismantled…a not-so-slow train wreck that will end up worse than we imagine.  If this is the evidence of God’s abandonment, believers need to boldly step back, strongly resisting any fleshly ambition to rescue a fallen city or land. 

There is nothing more important for the believer, the follower of Christ and lover of His word, than to discern the signs of the times.  While there’s always a call in times of chaos, Christ’s Body should not blindly jump into this condemned world’s foray.

As ‘mega-churches’ obscure and unravel and traditional denominations scramble for relevancy,  God is igniting pockets of believers.  God’s call in the chaos may not be loud but quietly powerful.  Within homes or through electronics, the Lord is shepherding sheep together, even just two or three, to exhort, teach, encourage and sharpen one another, “as iron sharpens iron”.

I pray the Lord dim my view of this temporal and imploding world.  As celebrity Christianity rightly deflates, I pray to value and esteem the precious one or two that the Lord may bring forth to disciple and counsel into His Kingdom.

May we press in to hear God’s call and follow His lead, with a heart of growing anticipation of Christ’s return.  Press on brethren, Maranatha!

35 thoughts on “God’s Call Within the Chaos

  1. Brilliantly written, Lisa Beth! What you wrote here is the key: “There are, of course, too many events and developments to numerate. But defining truths became evident – repenting of sin shifted into celebration of sin …”

    I believe America has officially turned the corner and there is no turning back. We are on the road to that final Christian being saved before the Lord’s soon return.

    I’m not much of a re-blogger, but will gladly do so here with this important and incredibly well-written post!

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  2. Reblogged this on EttingerWriting.com and commented:
    I don’t re-blog often, but this is a must-read. Lisa Beth is a New York City resident and is seeing firsthand what is going on. She is also a strong and faithful believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, and her insights are blessed. Please take the 5 to 7 minutes it will take you to read this!

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  3. Bless you Lisa Beth. I lived in New York City in the 80’s and crime was rampant. I was held up at gun point and harrassed on the subway. From 2011 to 2016 I attended Times Square Church and was greatly blessed, even meeting the friend that God was to use to bring me back to my island. But sad to say America is no more. This is not the America I knew growing up. I believe there is no turning back. Come, Lord Jesus, come.

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  4. The world indeed lies under the sway of the evil one.

    But God knows those who are His.

    Last week Sunday, my pastor taught from Romans 1. It humbled me and adjusted my perspective.

    Hope you are safe, ma’am Lisa. So glad to read from you again.

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  5. As a former New Yorker, having lived there for most of my life, I can relate to what you wrote. I also appreciate your observations and words of encouragement regarding the body of Christ. A well written and timely post. I will reblog also.

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  7. Wonderful and timely post. The L-RD has blessed me through it.

    “If this is the evidence of God’s abandonment, believers need to boldly step back, strongly resisting any fleshly ambition to rescue a fallen city or land. ” This sums up what I’ve been feeling of late, though not found a way to articulate it even to myself. (if that makes sense)

    L-RD Bless, Keep, Shine, and grant you His Shalom Peace. . . wil

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  8. Wow! This post is the best summary I’ve read about where America is going. Being the media capital of the world, I think New Year city shows us the enemy’s game plan for the end times. He is “testing it out” on his home turf. It’s going to be a very dark world. It will be a world of demonizing police officers and slashing the budgets of those who protect the helpless. A world that praises everything that God declares as evil. Keep posting, Lisa. God has made you a watchman on the wall.

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    • Thank you, dear brother, for such kind words! Your comments are on target – “demoning police officers…who protect the helpless”. Sadly, the elderly are set upon almost everyday.
      Press on Bill, we send you & Mary our love!

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  9. Another great post Lisa Beth, nailing the desperate state of our countries. Thinking back to Pastor Dave, and his ministry in NYC, and world wide really, with his sermons and books.
    I still look up some sermons on Youtube, and get blessed, and challenged all over again.
    God’s Blessings. Trust you are keeping safe and healthy.

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