Good Things From Closed Churches


The ongoing hoopla about closed churches during a national pandemic is, ironically, nearly ungodly.  Protesting government officials, threatening lawsuits, and wasting money and energy point to a self serving faith, not selfless faith.  Is it really God’s call to rebel when our resources should go to serve?  Many churches, run on a business model, have their own bottom line motivation.   Closed churches though, can serve to refine and grow our faith more than ever.

Firstly, separating ourselves from the social gathering of others, the planned format of worship and social chatter can clarify our foundation of faith.  Do we find our spiritual fulfillment in our social gathering, singing, and sermons or does church serve to embellish the intimacy we have already with the Lord?  Do we have intimacy with our Savior, as a Bride to her Bridegroom?

Intimacy is measured in private, not corporate settingsClosed churches should lead to open prayer closets – that’s where our true spiritual life and growth take place.

Secondly, our gatherings are not squelched due to oppression or persecution but for a global health crisis.  When life drastically changes, shouldn’t we then beseech God for His change in agenda?  If sovereign God shuts down normalcy, shouldn’t our hearts be shaken toward Him and His word?  God is speaking into hearts during this pandemic with a call to press into His word.   We need to hear Him speak to us without a choir, pulpit, coffee hour or book table because thirdly….

all those things may be gone.  One day we may have to stand alone and know what we stand for.  Pandemics, crisis, wars, calamities…birth pains…do we know the scriptures well enough and understand eschatology – the study of the end times – to gauge our life in this crucial ticking clock?

The Apostles’ message of salvation did not go forth without proclaiming the truth of Christ’s return.  That anticipation is the framework from which Christian life was grounded.  Today, however,  everyone wants to ‘be saved’ by ‘praying a prayer’ but few understand the deep reality from what they are saved!  We are saved from the coming wrath of God, an unpopular and nearly forgotten truth.

The Body of Christ has a joy not found in happy-clappy songs, motivational sermons, or social group activities.  Perhaps there’s a place for them but our joy must transcend anything and any relationship in this temporal world.  If the Bible is true and it is, worse days are coming.  Covid-19 is merely a test run for what the word of God proclaims prior to Christ’s return.

With the pandemic of apostasy, closed churches may be God’s hand in drawing us alone to Him for His counsel, His healing, His leadership and His revelation of where we stand as His Bride.  After the Lord’s sacrifice for our sin, His call for His people is to be ready, be alert, and be watchful,  with lamps filled with oil, anticipating the Bridegroom…

“Let us rejoice and be glad and give the glory unto Him!  For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and His bride has made herself ready…”  (Rev 19:7)

The world may shut down but heaven will not.  I pray that we as a people press in, find our sanctuary at home with the Holy Spirit, and hear what the scriptures proclaim about our day, our calamity, and His return and His call upon us.

“He who endures to the end will be saved.”  (Matthew 24:13)




30 thoughts on “Good Things From Closed Churches

  1. Wonderfully said, Lisa Beth. I know many a fine Christian who is lamenting the lack of fellowship they are experiencing. But I believed from the beginning of this thing — and see it supported in your blog — that this is a call for believers to toughen up, get into the Word, and find our solace solely in Him.

    Tremendous post, Lisa Beth, and tremendous truth spoken!

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  2. Amen, Lisa! I’ve had such precious times with the Lord during the “shelter at home.” Having “morning devotions” take 2-3 hours or more has been a blessing, but I have missed worshiping together, too. I hope it doesn’t have to be one or the other. I do know in heaven we will have the best of both! 🙂 ❤

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  4. Dear Lisa,
    Very good thoughts…thanks for sharing them with us.
    I agree and have thought the evil one is having too much of a good time with all of this. My prayer partner had heard years ago that the devil always goes one step too far…some thing to think about.

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  5. Excellent… what I have been thinking for some time. In fact, since early 2018, it is as if lock down had already happened for a family member and me personally as we faced personal health crises which meant isolation during treatment and calling upon the Lord. I have appreciated so much in recent times those small number of people who walk closely with Him and who have supported us in prayer. These are the sincere people who are faithful even if their church buildings no longer existed.

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  6. Excellent post, Lisa Beth. You have beautifully put into words the true heart of the matter. It’s almost embarrassing to see the way Church-goers have responded to these restrictions ‘everyone’ is having to endure. I do not and will not identify with them. God has not called us to this type of behavior. I agree, there will come a day when we’re no longer able to meet in churches, or possibly at all. We need to learn to rely on God alone and not our church buildings and programs. In His mercy He is giving us the opportunity now to learn to rely on Him and to spend more time alone with Him so we’re prepared as things continue in their downward trajectory. I for one am taking Him up on it! God bless!

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