Believers in the Day of Corona

Is the Corona Virus a passing calamity or worldwide catastrophe?  Only the Lord knows and His plan in these end days will prevail.  Here in NYC I just finished a morning grocery shop – bustling aisles with many empty shelves.  Yes, take precautions, yes stock up a bit but always keep a focus – what is the Shepherd’s plan for His sheep?   

I appreciate my husband’s protective qualities, “If things get bad, we’ll leave, we’ll go to New Hampshire or Massachusetts…”  These are options where family would welcome us.  Sometimes it’s God’s will to flee, sometimes maybe most times, it’s God’s will to serve.

One of my studies inspired me greatly this week.  Re-reading I Samuel, I noted in my heart how devoted David was to the sheep assigned to him.  According to his jealous brothers, they were but a “few sheep” (17:28).  But even as he ran with zeal to conquer a giant, David found a shepherd to oversee those sheep.  He fought for them and defended them.

This may seem weird but I’m sharing this anyway.  Yesterday I was searching for ‘stuffed acorn squash recipe’ on my phone and when I pressed search (or some button) this came up:, “Spurgeon and the Cholera Outbreak of 1854”.  (Site title is The Spurgeon Center).   Posted by Geoff Chang, Spurgeon’s response to this health crisis seems much like the heart of David:

“During that epidemic of cholera, though I had many engagements in the country, I gave them up that I might remain in London to visit the sick and the dying. I felt that it was my duty to be on the spot in such a time of disease and death and sorrow.”

Pastor Chang’s article more fully describes Spurgeon’s devotion to the suffering, even ministering to unbelievers who had previously mocked him.  Those who study and love Spurgeon know that he struggled with depression through his ministry however, during this dark time, he poured himself out as Christ to those stepping into eternity.

Popular and beloved, no doubt this spiritual giant could have ‘fled’ to places of tranquility but would have missed the call of Christ to those sheep, insignificant to the world but precious to the Good Shepherd.

Perhaps our Corona crisis will fade away or possibly turn into something we never expected.  Surely God is preparing His Body for worse days to come, surely He has left us here for His purposes and His call.  

While much of the city is shut down here and folks stock up to hunker down, I consider the sheep in my midst…my elderly neighbors and single parent ‘Joanna’ whose 3 year old I babysit every morning.  The thought of ‘fleeing’ fades from my mind.

Apostle Paul warned, “There will be terrible times in the last days”.  Jesus declared of these days, “Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, but he who stands firm to the end will be saved.”

Help us to stand firm Lord, wherever You post us.  Help us to be that light, a beacon for You and Your kingdom and fulfill every purpose intended for us.  Amen.


25 thoughts on “Believers in the Day of Corona

  1. Good morning burninglamp, i want you to support our Church building project in Nigeria, thank you

    On Fri, Mar 13, 2020, 4:11 PM theburninglampdotcom wrote:

    > Lisa Beth posted: “Is the Corona Virus a passing calamity or worldwide > catastrophe? Only the Lord knows and His plan in these end days will > prevail. Here in NYC I just finished a morning grocery shop – bustling > aisles with many empty shelves. Yes, take precautions, yes s” >


  2. Thanks for the timely post, Lisa Beth. This current crisis reveals the world – government, military, politics, medicine, economics, etc. – is not a solid foundation worthy of anyone’s trust. There’s no security in the temporal, but this crisis will present lots of witnessing opportunities.

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  3. Good post, and timely. My estranged son Chris is a Respiratory Therapist on Long Island and I heard that one of his patients tested positive for the Coronavirus. My son hasn’t been open to reconciliation, but I decided to text him and tell him we have been praying for him and his family (wife and 3 small children) hoping he would respond and he did. He thanked me and said he was just tested for the virus today and he will get the results in 4 days. I asked him to let me know what the results are. I pray this is a door the Lord opened and that he will keep in contact. Been praying for years for his salvation.

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    • Dorothy! I’m jealous of your snow! But I hope and pray that all is well, that the Holy Spirit raise up a song and God’s joy within you.
      Today President Trump called for a National Day of Prayer…may God inspire him and save him!
      So good to hear from you dear sister!! ❤


  5. “God is preparing His Body for worse days to come, surely He has left us here for His purposes and His call.”
    This is exactly what I’ve been sensing, Lisa. I don’t want to sound opportunistic, but we are not citizens of this world. As C.S. Lewis said, we are living in enemy-occupied territory. The world’s tragedies are our opportunities.
    Great post!

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    • Amen brother, so true. The sad thing is, much of Christendom is unprepared, very few churches preach, “…pick up your cross and follow Me.”
      So good to hear from you Bill! Thanks so much for encouraging!


  6. Beautiful and very uplifting. Thank you, sister. One thing is for sure, we ought to follow healthy protocols, but also continue to praise. Check out my latest blog post, “Wash, Fold, and Raise. Stay safe and God bless.

    Beautiful, powerful, and very uplifting! Thank you, brother. If you get a chance check out my post, Wash, Fold, and Raise. Stay safe and God bless you,

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