Can God Use a Feral Cat?

There are several posts, contained in Maggie’s Corner, describing and remembering our beloved Maine Coon Maggie.  Few if any however mention Maggie’s kitten Becky whom we brought in with Maggie from the street.  Half feral, Becky was so unlike her mother, living under the bed for the first 3 years then gradually showing herself to us at a distance.  Becky was unsociable, aggressive at times, and fearful.  But we loved her (from a distance of course!)

After Maggie died last year, Becky became distinctly mournful.  She often roamed the apartment, surveying Maggie’s napping places and – believe it or not – wailing.  This was seriously pitiful and even disturbing as she would awaken at 2-3am crying and needy.  Our vet could not recommend a replacement companion as Becky is not sociable, nor did she recommend any medication.  Now 15 yrs old, Becky grew very close to me, finding comfort and calm through brushing and petting.   After avoiding my husband Bob all her life, Becky was even willing to sit near him.

Although we took Becky everywhere, she would be unable to travel outside the country and thus, at one point, we had to find the right cat sitter (our previous wonderful one moved away).  We take seriously what God entrusts to us so we interviewed some candidates and prayed about a choice.  We could not enjoy our trip if Becky would be depressed, crying, not eating, etc.

One sitter stood out, Rhonda*, a “professional cat sitter” who was knowledgeable, engaging, and lived walking distance.  It was just a right fit.  We opted for overnight stays, a bit indulgent but worth the peace of mind.  Although Rhonda was very confident, I encouraged her, “Don’t feel bad at all if you don’t see Becky, she always hides and can be very timid and unsociable.”

Soon after arriving at our destination I began receiving text photos:

We were impressed.  Family members on our trip were amazed!  (Although they are animal lovers, Becky always hisses at their friendly overtures!)

Soon I found that this was more than God-given cat care.  After several overnights in our home, Rhonda called me with an observation and question, “I noticed that you have college degrees, that you’re an educated person.  I also can tell from the things in your home and your books that you have faith.  Being educated, do you really believe the Bible, all those stories…?”  Of course!

Rhonda asked if she could visit sometime and talk about this.  Of course!

Our visits together rooted a friendship and fellowship, grounded in personal and spiritual sharing.  The Lord was stirring in these coffee klatches.  Soon Rhonda called me and asked, “Do you think we can study the Bible together?”  Of course!

God is pushing back layers of darkness in this precious woman’s life and preparing her heart for the true Gospel.  What a glorious spot for me, to be part of what God is doing!

We began meeting once a week but Rhonda smiled and mentioned, “I can meet more often you know….”  Really?  How about tomorrow?  “I’ll be here!”

Many brethren are waiting on God to move them into ministry, open doors to evangelize and utilize their ‘God given gifts’.  May the Lord shift our thinking away from the natural realm, where strobe lights and orchestrated mood music moves multitudes.  Instead of corralling hundreds of sheep, the Lord may be seeking that one lost sheep.  We might not preach to the crowd but, by putting our hand to the plow and moving forward, we may be doing the invisible work of tilling the ground for another to plant the seeds.

I am encouraged and grateful for this precious soul before me, even amazed how God used a needy troubled cat to bring Rhonda into my home.

Becky, used by God?


Who would have thought!

P.S.  the tomato was a gift from Rhonda!


27 thoughts on “Can God Use a Feral Cat?

  1. Lisa, I will be praying that God continues to work in Rhonda’s heart! God can use so many things, and often uses the things that we least expect, to work in people’s hearts. Praying that God will use His light dwelling inside you to bring Rhonda to himself. May this be a reminder to us to be looking for EVERY opportunity to share His gospel with people in our lives.

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  2. Oh, Lisa Beth, what a heart-warming experience that brings joy even as the angels must be watching and waiting to see what the Father has planned. Prayers will continue for you and Rhonda as the Lord develops His fellowship between you. Much love and blessings you have yet to share and Rhonda has to experience. My heart overflows with praise and blessings to our Lord.

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  3. Dear Lisa Beth,
    This story touched me on several levels. For starters, what a gift to find Rhonda who could provide comfort to your heartbroken Becky. I often find God speaking to me through animals and through people who relate well to them. I was also touched by Rhonda’s interest in studying the Bible with you. I can understand why she asked you because when I read your posts I always wish I could study with you too! If I lived close enough I’d show up on your doorstep with fresh Nazook and coffee and ask for some lessons! I hope Becky continues her healing and I hope you are well!

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    • Parev Martha! I am so glad to hear from you – and such an uplifting message. Thank you so much. I think of you often bc my lovely sloth hangs on my reading lamp which I use everyday!
      I hope all is well with you and everyone in your home.
      As Becky ventures closer to others she avails herself to affection and healing – she’s making strides! Rhonda is a great blessing, I am very grateful for all the Lord is doing. Thanks again Martha. 😻


  4. Hi Lovely Lisa,
    What a beautiful story you tell. Last night 4 kinders and I went to see the new movie. ..overcomer…it reminds me of your we have a intimate personal God…meeting each one of us at our point of need, right where we are.
    Ingrid and I are going to Israel with Dennis Prager the first week in December.
    Loving you in Jesus..dc

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    • It’s so good to hear from you Dorothy! I think of you and pray for you all often. Wow, Israel in Dec with Dennis Prager, sounds very exciting! 🇮🇱 Will be in touch before then. Thank you for your encouraging message and news of your trip. Love you dear sister! ❤


  5. Of course cats grieve. Our cat Buster, normally the jolliest cat you ever saw, mourned for months when his sister, Missy, died. He never did quite get back to being his old self.
    And you’re right–it isn’t the animals who need a Savior.

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