Hurricanes Strip but Jesus Covers

hurricane upheaval, tree

Upheavals expose the futility of man and often prepare the ground for seeds of true life.

Nothing in all creation is hidden from God. Everything is naked and exposed before His eyes, and He is the one to whom we are accountable.  Hebrews 4:13

While tucked away under prevailing current events, the devastation of Hurricane Maria continues to impact the communities of Puerto Rico.  Reconstruction is slow, 40% of the island remains without power and the hearts of the people, especially in remote areas,  grow heavier with the passing days.

Maria whipped through an already failed economy with 45% of residents living at the poverty level before she struck.  While the island fades from the media the darkness grows deeper as murder rates soar and suicides increase.  Failing government flounders.  Massive sick-outs by overwhelmed law enforcement agents, unpaid due wages,  exacerbate crime rate and fear.

Storms expose the condition of our hearts, our homes, and our community.  When governments fail and hopelessness abounds it may well become fertile and tilled ground for the Body of Christ.  My husband saw this when working on the island as part of a mission team.  While planning to provide some reconstruction and repair, the team soon found that the greatest need and longing is restoration of the heart and soul.

The Lord moves His Body in place to answer the cries of brokenness.

While in a devastated area, going door to door with care packages and the love of God,  team members Chris, who also directs security at our church and Sarah, a psychiatric nurse worked together with a local pastor and shared this testimony…

At one point in our canvassing we found no one home but the way led to a park where we saw a woman, sitting alone, underneath a tree.  We approached her to ask about her needs, how we might help in any way.  The woman was obviously downcast and heavy hearted. 

“I’ve been praying for days, asking for God’s direction, what I should do” she shared. “Ten years ago I lived in New York City, I used to go to Times Square Church.  My husband lives in New York City but I don’t know what to do.  My mother lives here….I’m praying for direction, I’m asking God for a sign…”

Chris said, “We’re here from Times Square Church.” 

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed and looked up directly at Chris.  At 6’5″ with  memorable looks and physique, she added with amazement,  “I remember you, I used to see you at the front of the church!”  (a security post!)   

An emotional dam burst forth and this woman shared her brokenness and deep fears.  The team counseled her, ministered to her and prayed with her.  No provisions would ever compare to the ‘care package’ delivered by God – the Body of Christ whom she knew from a church she loved, finding her in a remote corner of an island, praying alone underneath a tree.   

There were many such testimonies, even from that same day.  My husband’s team found a woman who readily answered their call.  Inwardly desperate,  she is literally dying and described to the team her terminal condition and prognosis – less than three weeks to live.  Broken, she described her ‘backslidden’ condition, having known the Lord but turned away from Him.  Would He receive her again?  Could she be assured of eternal life?

My husband knows very well the downfall and despair from turning away from the Lord and also knows the true renewal and assurance awaiting those who repent.  He and the brother with him ministered to this woman, praying for her and with her, leading her to the assurance of eternal life.

God’s purpose in the storm, whether it is a personal trauma or natural catastrophe, may be to expose the roots of our condition and cause us to seek Him in a deeper way.  If we, as the Body of Christ, offer ourselves as a “living sacrifice” unto the Lord, He may maneuver us toward those broken people who are crying out for Him.

Please continue to pray for Puerto Rico, the work of God continues…

22 thoughts on “Hurricanes Strip but Jesus Covers

  1. Lisa Beth, My prayers for the souls in Puerto Rico. It was difficult for us dealing with the damage to our roof from a windstorm last March, a seven month ordeal, but that was nothing compared to what some of those people are dealing with. Amidst all the trials, I pray hearts soften to the Gospel.

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  2. Beautifully written, Bob was a blessing to our team! Please continue to cover in prayer the wounded souls in PR and the body of Christ as they continue to pour out His love in this broken land. Puerto Rico se levanta en el nombre de Jesús!

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    • Amen Evelyn, we continue to pray with expectation. The Lord is moving on the island – I believe you’ll see many fruits from your devotion and love for the Lord and the people of Puerto Rico. May the Lord continue to bless you sister. 💕


  3. Beautifully written, Lisa, and filled with truth which should impact and convict every Christian who reads this. You absolutely nailed it regarding our being a living sacrifice. Our prayer every day should be not just for our own needs, but for the Lord to lead us to at least one individual we can minister to in the way he or she needs. And yes, we need to continue to pray for Puerto Rico … once these stories leave the “news cycle,” most people forget they were there in the first place.

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  4. This really touches my heart, Lisa. My heart breaks for the devastation they still must deal with. But I rejoice that the woman’s prayers were answered in such a miraculous way. Also that there are people like you and your husband that truly care about the great need and longing of “restoration of the heart and soul.” Thank you for sharing this beautiful testimony of God’s grace in the midst of such devastation. Blessings to you!

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    • Thank you Trudy for your beautiful and encouraging words! We’re expecting the Lord to move forward and be exalted on that island. My husband is Puerto Rican and so excited…already planning to go back! Blessings to you too sister! 🌹


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  6. Hurricane Irma and Maria did tremendous damage to the islands. They struck the very core of our countries. The hurricanes not only left devastation but they left some bad spirits in the atmosphere. Crime and violence increase and oppression is still rampant. I thank God for you and your group who are helping to restore lives both spiritually and physically in Puerto Rico. May God continue to strengthen and keep you.

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    • Thank you so much Beverley, your comments mean a lot. Although the world moves on to other concerns, we can’t forget those who suffer. I really appreciate your encouragement and anticipate God’s Kingdom advancing thru all of this. Thank you sister. 🌹


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  8. Thank you Lisa Beth for loving and helping the people of my island. Soon it will be three years since I relocated to my island. Born here but raised in New York my dream was to come back to my island. The Lord used a sister from beautiful Times Square Church to fulfill this dream, thus giving me my heart’s desire. I arrived seven weeks before Hurricane Maria. It has been very challenging but the Lord has been giving me strength. Just when I had lost hope of coming back to my island, He brought me back in a miraculous way. He IS faithful. “Those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength…..” Love you sister and hope to meet you some day.

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    • Wow sister, thank you for sharing this uplifting testimony of God’s faithfulness. The Lord is moving through His Body in these end times for His purpose and glory. My husband and I will remember to pray for you, thank you again Eve!


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