The Biggest Obstacle to America’s Greatness

There is, actually, something phenomenal about political conventions. The most talented public relation persons convene together and engineer an exhilarating and memorable event. Emotional speeches target the issues of the public heart while our eyes and ears feast on sensory glory. Even the skeptic is hard pressed to rally.

rnc II

Making America great again is as easy as…

house in landslide

making this house great again.

We cannot make America “great again” or “safe again” no matter how many sincerely strive to do so or hope to recreate former days of simplicity and order.  The protective hedges of reverence and shame are trampled down.   Beyond moral decay, we are now well into a moral landslide.

Contrary to the sentimental interpretations of many evangelical Christians, America is not a Christian Nation, if one could ever be. We did not collectively surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Our country was, however, grounded and secured in Christian morals. Adherence to Biblical morals and values structured our government, laws, courts, and societal mores. Since man does reap what he sows, Americans prospered under the principles of work ethics, religious reverence, and respect for government and law enforcement. Without the Lordship of Jesus Christ, ethics, morals, values, and ‘reverence’ all become relative and fluid, increasingly conforming to man’s sinful and rebellious nature that opposes God’s authority. In fact, we no longer tolerate nor even acknowledge God’s authority.

The fear of God “keeps us from sinning”, “is the beginning of wisdom” and leads us to His presence, salvation, and deliverance;  the total disregard of God’s authority leads to flagrant unashamed sin, foolishness, and peril. More law, more programs, more rhetoric will never curtail the harvest we are reaping.

The political process can be invigorating and empowering. It is captivating and deceiving, drawing man into the dynamics of this world system with himself as an agent of change. Many ‘Christians’ partake of political activities to promote ‘Christian values’.   It is a tremendous release of the ‘human spirit’ to rally around changing the world….not to be confused with the release of the Holy Spirit that changes man’s heart.

The end times, Jesus declared, “would be like the days of Noah”, a time where every inclination of man was wicked. In the days of Noah, everyone ate, drank and married – oblivious to God’s ominous judgment.  And moreover,

“God’s heart was filled with pain”.  (Genesis 6:6)

God may well be the ‘biggest obstacle’ to America’s greatness. Peace and prosperity is never the reward for prideful rebellion; God said “the wages of sin is death”. But as in the days of Noah, there is refuge, there is hope, there is deliverance and salvation. “I am the gate” declared Jesus, “whoever enters through Me will be saved.” The gate opens to our life through repentance, receiving the gift of forgiveness given by the cross.

As part of the world, America will join and collaborate with every nation to fulfill prophecies of a one world government. It will be no greater than any other country under the domain of the powerful charismatic leadership of the anti-Christ. Let us as believers though, find our greatness under the authority of God and the power of the cross as God exalts the humble….

“Lord, let us be vessels of Your Holy Spirit in these last days. Let us find our strength in separation from the world and intimacy with you. Prepare our hearts to minister Your love and truth so that, when calamity strikes and the hollow pillars tumble, we can represent You and be a salve from heaven. Sour our eyes for the things of this world and draw us nearer to You. I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.”