Political Peppers, Onions and Cukes!

Various errands took me 10 blocks up Broadway, rather than my usual 10 blocks down Broadway, and I stopped for vegetables at a stand familiar to me. But the usual Hispanic young man was not there. A handsome young Middle Eastern youth stood there, quite friendly looking.

“Hello!” I greeted him, “how are you?”

“God is good” he replied with a smile. His ethnic looks, accent, and Marlboros led me to believe his god is Allah. Ok.

I picked up some bananas, “4 for $1”, some big red peppers and cukes. Then onions. He knew the price of everything but his English was very limited.

“Do you have carrots?”

With a bewildered look he replied, “I’m sorry, I don’t understand much English”. Ok.

He collected my peppers, onions, bananas, and cucumbers and gave me the total, “$8.75. One more banana?” He asked, to make it an even $9.00.

Sure! Then I had to ask,

“Where are you from?”

“I am from Turkey!”, he said with a smile.

After a slight heart cringe I asked, “What do you think of your president Erdogan?”

“He is good I think”.

“Well, you should tell him to treat Armenians better.”

The same bewildered look came upon him, “I’m sorry, I don’t understand…”

“That’s ok”, and I knew in the Lord that it was. I handed over the $9.00.

I took my bags and raised up my hand, saying the few Turkish words I know.

The young man’s face beamed with a smile, and he gave a high two thumbs up!

I called him friend.

14 thoughts on “Political Peppers, Onions and Cukes!

    • Thank you so much for all your kind encouragement! I do hope that a door opens for the Gospel, I’m praying for that young man.
      As much as I lament over Armenia’s suffering and injustice, I know the true answer is in Jesus Christ. And “…every tribe, every nation, every tongue” must include Turks.
      Thank you Mandy!

  1. Your conversation on Erdogan, I’m glad it did not get hostile. I’m just not able to have those conversations with a stranger in person. Many Turks get hostile when talking about Kurdish People, Greeks, and Armenians. Glad he did not start a fight with you
    I just wrote 2 recent posts now that I am done with my Uncle’s memorial DVD project. One is about Venezuela.

    • Thank you Joseph, its always good to hear from you! This youth had a cheerful countenance, easy to speak to even with language barrier. I always hope that, far beyond any political point, God may open a door for the Gospel.
      Who knows if he was just standing in for the regular guy or if I’ll see him again. But we’re praying for him.
      Looking forward to your posts now! 😀

  2. Lisa Beth, thank you for sharing this interesting encounter! You were separated from this young man by religion, language, and probably politics, but it was still a positive encounter. I follow the New York Knicks and admired former-Knick, Enes Kanter, a Turk, for his outspoken criticism of Erdogan.

    • True, I grew up with a vehemence for justice and still care deeply. But nothing is more important than the possibility of sharing the gospel.
      This youth had no aggression in his countenance. Not sure if he’ll be there again but we’re praying for him to know the Lord.
      Thank you Pastor for always being an encouragement.

    • Hello Usfman, thank you for reading my posts. Armenia became a Christian nation in 301 AD. It is a historical era involving St Gregory and King Tirdad. The truth and light of Christ brought us out of pagan sun worship and reconciled us to God.
      That Armenia was brutally persecuted and massacred for their faith by the Turks further impassions many of us to stand strong in our faith.
      I tried to condense the answer to your question, there’s a lot if history. Best wishes to you. 🌿

  3. What a wonderful interaction with this young man Lisa Beth. I have a lovely Christian friend who is Armenian, yes they have been treated terribly. Your strong sense of justice for the Lord was graciously shared dear sister. Our Lord is full of love and grace for such a man as this man, may he come to know the love that our Lord has for him in due time. What a beautiful and positive note to finish the conversation on.:-)

    • Thank you so much for your encouragement Ashley. Armenia exists under continual threat, even recently attacked by Azerbaijan. While we do cry out for justice, I pray that brethren stand strong and rise up to be a beacon and light for Christ. Ultimately it is the Kingdom of God that lasts forever.
      Thank you again brother, you’re such a blessing, a cup of cool water for Christ’s body.

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